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The 0x team has published their development report for May 2019, focusing on 0x Mesh, launch kits, and improving developer experience on the platform, June 7, 2019.

Peer to Peer Order Sharing

0x Mesh, being co-developed by 0x and StarkDEx, is an order sharing platform to create a decentralized order book that can be tracked through browser integration. The beta release is expected soon and the GitHub repository was open sourced during the month.

0x (ZRX) has drawn flak for its limited use case, serving merely as a method of fee payment. During May, the team began implementing a new protocol to allow users to merge the ability to collect fees in any token – not just ZRX. While there are still use cases for the token aside from paying fees, most of them are a work in progress at this point in time.

The relayer launch kit, which was launched in November, was updated with react front ends, to allow relayers to offer trades an interactive order book for tokens and NFT’s. The kit was mainly designed as a Node.js server to host an orderbook under the 0x relay API.

From a developer experience angle, 0x is taking the language agnostic route by allowing developers to be able to build in any language they are proficient in. Currently, 0x is programmed in Java and Python and people writing programs in other languages have to re-implement it themselves.

0x Developer Ecosystem Banking on Solidity

The future course of development will focus purely on Solidity and 0x will look to provide all necessary utility methods provided in Solidity. Rather than using WebAssembly, 0x encourages using languages that have support for Solidity.

The Ethereum Node.js virtual machine is being integrated, allowing for execution off chain with pure Solidity functionality. With this, calls made will execute using a simulated EVM, allowing 0x to modify utility code.

The final update announced the merging of a long requested feature: a Web3 subprovider to support Trezor wallets, giving dApp developers the ability to let users sign their messages and transactions with their hardware wallet.

Overall, May has shaped up to be a promising month for 0x as they prepare to launch the Mesh network. The work done by the 0x team emphasized their focus on cultivating a developer friendly ecosystem and making the process of setting up a relay node much easier.

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