These Are the 358 Counties Where No One Has Died From COVID-19

COVID-19 has killed almost 225,000 people in America. Some academic and government models forecast the spread of the disease will drive the figure to over 300,000 by the end of 2020. There are 3,141 counties in America, and at least one person has died in the great majority of them.

In the hardest-hit counties, particularly in and around New York City, Los Angeles and Houston, county deaths have been in the thousands. In Queens County, part of New York City, the number is already 5,135. In Kings County, which contains the borough of Brooklyn, also in New York City, the figure currently numbers 5,098. Los Angeles County has had 6,877 deaths. Harris County, home of Houston, has had 2,735.

However, 358 counties have had no COVID-19 deaths at all. These span 35 states. In Hawaii, Montana and Nebraska, more than 40% of counties within the state have not had a COVID-19 death.

Not surprisingly, the counties with no deaths are small by population count. The largest, Tompkins County in New York, has a population of 102,962. It is fairly isolated, in the Finger Lakes region, well south of Syracuse and Rochester. One of the Ivy League universities, Cornell, is located there. However, most of it is rural. Over 85% of the county is made up of white Americans. Less than 4% are Black Americans, a group that has been hit hard by the disease across the country. Hispanics or Latinx, another hard-hit group, make up about 3% of the population. Tompkins County has had 548 confirmed cases.

Beyond Tompkins County, only two other counties that have had no COVID-19 deaths have populations of over 50,000. These are Kauai County in Hawaii, with a population of 71,377. The state of Hawaii has only had 189 deaths in total, and a relatively small 14,302 confirmed cases. Confirmed cases in Kauai County have totaled 60. The third county with a population of over 50,000 but no deaths is Coos County in Oregon. Along the Pacific Coast, it is well south of the state’s large cities, Portland and Eugene.

Three of the counties on the list have not even registered a confirmed case. Esmeralda County, Nevada, which only has a population of 981, is one of them. Loving County, Texas, has a population of 102 and is the second of these. The last is Kalawao County, Hawaii, which has a population of 75. It is the smallest county in the United States in terms of population and size. It covers 52 square miles, of which 41 square miles is water.

Thirty of the counties on the list have populations of less than 1,000.

These are the 358 counties where no one has died from COVID-19.

CountyStateTotal PopulationCasesDeaths
Tompkins CountyNew York102,9625480
Kauai CountyHawaii71,377600
Coos CountyOregon63,3082220
Siskiyou CountyCalifornia43,5401670
Latah CountyIdaho39,2398260
Clatsop CountyOregon38,5622350
Chippewa CountyMichigan37,8341070
Fulton CountyIllinois35,4184030
Sagadahoc CountyMaine35,277770
Silver Bow CountyMontana34,8144620
Coos CountyNew Hampshire32,038340
Washington CountyMaine31,694210
Jefferson CountyWashington30,856810
Caledonia CountyVermont30,425350
Boyle CountyKentucky29,9134010
Hancock CountyWest Virginia29,6801910
Pine CountyMinnesota29,1295090
Orange CountyVermont28,937300
Pike CountyOhio28,2142820
San Miguel CountyNew Mexico28,0341470
Orleans CountyVermont26,911260
Woodford CountyKentucky26,0973500
Tillamook CountyOregon26,076700
Adair CountyMissouri25,3254630
Upshur CountyWest Virginia24,6052250
Pottawatomie CountyKansas23,5452820
Osceola CountyMichigan23,2321240
Antrim CountyMichigan23,177970
Wabasha CountyMinnesota21,5003230
Fillmore CountyMinnesota20,8882380
Dodge CountyMinnesota20,5823620
McDowell CountyWest Virginia19,2171050
Plumas CountyCalifornia18,699520
Los Alamos CountyNew Mexico18,356380
Spencer CountyKentucky18,2462630
Schuyler CountyNew York17,992930
Yancey CountyNorth Carolina17,6672710
Morgan CountyWest Virginia17,6241020
Avery CountyNorth Carolina17,5015740
Dukes CountyMassachusetts17,313710
Piscataquis CountyMaine16,887100
Giles CountyVirginia16,8141140
San Juan CountyWashington16,473300
Piatt CountyIllinois16,4272070
Idaho CountyIdaho16,3372920
Crawford CountyWisconsin16,2882960
Park CountyMontana16,2461870
Neosho CountyKansas16,1251600
Lawrence CountyKentucky15,7831190
Wetzel CountyWest Virginia15,614820
Roseau CountyMinnesota15,4621930
Page CountyIowa15,3633450
Kossuth CountyIowa15,0754210
Morgan CountyOhio14,702710
Pendleton CountyKentucky14,5201100
Fleming CountyKentucky14,4791240
Noble CountyOhio14,4431160
Trigg CountyKentucky14,3442260
Estill CountyKentucky14,3132470
Braxton CountyWest Virginia14,282400
Converse CountyWyoming13,9972430
Faribault CountyMinnesota13,8962090
Wadena CountyMinnesota13,6461880
Price CountyWisconsin13,4902840
Morgan CountyKentucky13,2851010
Breathitt CountyKentucky13,1161080
Archuleta CountyColorado12,908610
Trinity CountyCalifornia12,862200
Caldwell CountyKentucky12,7272370
Magoffin CountyKentucky12,6661320
Johnson CountyIllinois12,6023130
Powell CountyKentucky12,3211330
Charlotte CountyVirginia12,0951980
Prowers CountyColorado12,0521200
Jefferson CountyMontana11,7781340
Lake CountyMichigan11,763520
Washita CountyOklahoma11,4321540
Cottonwood CountyMinnesota11,3722620
Nantucket CountyMassachusetts11,1011330
Pope CountyMinnesota10,9801480
Mackinac CountyMichigan10,8171400
Red Willow CountyNebraska10,8061540
Lancaster CountyVirginia10,8041740
Oregon CountyMissouri10,6992120
Mitchell CountyIowa10,6312290
Switzerland CountyIndiana10,628840
Lake CountyMinnesota10,5691030
Carbon CountyMontana10,5462000
Leslie CountyKentucky10,4721180
Iron CountyMissouri10,221910
Ralls CountyMissouri10,2171900
Martin CountyIndiana10,2101950
Ritchie CountyWest Virginia9,932270
Marshall CountyKansas9,798640
Pratt CountyKansas9,5821040
Wayne CountyNebraska9,3672800
Charles Mix CountySouth Dakota9,3443120
Montmorency CountyMichigan9,261210
Woods CountyOklahoma9,1271500
Phelps CountyNebraska9,1202360
Deer Lodge CountyMontana9,1003350
Greene CountyIowa9,0031710
Modoc CountyCalifornia8,938260
Tyler CountyWest Virginia8,909240
Dawes CountyNebraska8,8961910
Maries CountyMissouri8,8841400
Clearwater CountyMinnesota8,812760
Mathews CountyVirginia8,7961310
Benton CountyIndiana8,6671070
Clearwater CountyIdaho8,6401240
Trimble CountyKentucky8,637810
Pocahontas CountyWest Virginia8,531640
Cedar CountyNebraska8,5231290
Webster CountyWest Virginia8,518240
Knox CountyNebraska8,4602380
Gilmer CountyWest Virginia8,205640
Conejos CountyColorado8,142530
Keith CountyNebraska8,099820
Schoolcraft CountyMichigan8,069540
Decatur CountyIowa8,0441220
San Miguel CountyColorado7,9681000
Anderson CountyKansas7,8521370
Lake CountyOregon7,843350
Lemhi CountyIdaho7,7981810
Doniphan CountyKansas7,7361590
Dade CountyMissouri7,5901270
Lake CountyColorado7,5851180
Ferry CountyWashington7,576320
Elliott CountyKentucky7,517620
Worth CountyIowa7,4891260
Crook CountyWyoming7,410830
Calhoun CountyWest Virginia7,396320
Pepin CountyWisconsin7,262920
Harney CountyOregon7,228130
Childress CountyTexas7,226910
Wolfe CountyKentucky7,223590
Jefferson CountyNebraska7,188700
Grant CountyOregon7,183100
Union CountyIndiana7,1531020
Weston CountyWyoming7,100990
Tucker CountyWest Virginia7,027520
Pembina CountyNorth Dakota7,0161690
Nemaha CountyNebraska7,0041590
Grand Isle CountyVermont6,965160
Henderson CountyIllinois6,8841110
Powell CountyMontana6,861430
Clark CountyMissouri6,8001040
Lee CountyKentucky6,751410
Cumberland CountyKentucky6,7131250
Brown CountyIllinois6,675960
Pershing CountyNevada6,611230
Norman CountyMinnesota6,559940
Kearney CountyNebraska6,5522360
Edwards CountyIllinois6,507980
Rio Blanco CountyColorado6,465250
Luce CountyMichigan6,364400
Reynolds CountyMissouri6,315600
Ellsworth CountyKansas6,2931670
Clay CountyNebraska6,2321220
Jefferson CountyOklahoma6,223670
Mitchell CountyKansas6,222570
Essex CountyVermont6,20860
Greenwood CountyKansas6,156450
Osceola CountyIowa6,1152480
Teton CountyMontana6,080740
Gray CountyKansas6,0371270
Carson CountyTexas6,032490
Hamlin CountySouth Dakota6,0001590
Stanton CountyNebraska5,992610
Ontonagon CountyMichigan5,968720
Sherman CountyKansas5,9661450
San Saba CountyTexas5,9621100
Gilpin CountyColorado5,924240
Ottawa CountyKansas5,9021080
Alfalfa CountyOklahoma5,8571120
Broadwater CountyMontana5,834390
Bent CountyColorado5,809120
Wirt CountyWest Virginia5,797280
Chouteau CountyMontana5,789560
Dewey CountySouth Dakota5,7792680
Putnam CountyIllinois5,746850
Lincoln CountyMinnesota5,7071650
Coal CountyOklahoma5,618820
Covington cityVirginia5,582330
Morris CountyKansas5,566510
Lincoln CountyColorado5,548240
Washington CountyKansas5,525290
Norton CountyKansas5,4863360
Wheeler CountyTexas5,482590
Beaver CountyOklahoma5,415800
Ransom CountyNorth Dakota5,3611310
Lincoln CountyIdaho5,3211350
Boone CountyNebraska5,3131270
Cook CountyMinnesota5,311110
Sheridan CountyNebraska5,2341010
Delta CountyTexas5,215320
Johnson CountyNebraska5,197930
Lincoln CountyNevada5,174340
Craig CountyVirginia5,113420
Thayer CountyNebraska5,098460
Scott CountyIllinois5,047930
Big Stone CountyMinnesota5,0161270
Mills CountyTexas4,902710
Marshall CountySouth Dakota4,895590
Calhoun CountyIllinois4,858690
Morrill CountyNebraska4,841940
Washington CountyColorado4,840780
Barber CountyKansas4,733270
Cameron CountyPennsylvania4,68680
Hot Springs CountyWyoming4,680450
Custer CountyColorado4,640190
Menominee CountyWisconsin4,5792190
Mora CountyNew Mexico4,563140
Schuyler CountyMissouri4,502350
Mineral CountyNevada4,448140
Bath CountyVirginia4,393220
Kittson CountyMinnesota4,337270
Oneida CountyIdaho4,326340
Phillips CountyColorado4,318370
Deuel CountySouth Dakota4,3061510
Nuckolls CountyNebraska4,275650
Mineral CountyMontana4,211140
Pierce CountyNorth Dakota4,210570
Wahkiakum CountyWashington4,189100
Phillips CountyMontana4,1241430
Ellis CountyOklahoma4,072190
Hemphill CountyTexas4,0611320
Wells CountyNorth Dakota4,055780
Hardin CountyIllinois4,009490
Norton cityVirginia3,990440
Storey CountyNevada3,941200
Chase CountyNebraska3,7341200
Adams CountyIowa3,726670
Clark CountySouth Dakota3,673710
Kimball CountyNebraska3,667330
Mercer CountyMissouri3,664310
Smith CountyKansas3,663190
Osborne CountyKansas3,603210
Sheridan CountyMontana3,574460
Webster CountyNebraska3,571840
Baca CountyColorado3,563240
Nance CountyNebraska3,554730
Harlan CountyNebraska3,438490
Chautauqua CountyKansas3,367210
Traverse CountyMinnesota3,337530
Shackelford CountyTexas3,311340
Granite CountyMontana3,269520
Woodson CountyKansas3,170190
Rush CountyKansas3,102750
Franklin CountyNebraska3,006720
Stanley CountySouth Dakota2,997730
Collingsworth CountyTexas2,996190
Brown CountyNebraska2,988650
Sierra CountyCalifornia2,93060
Edwards CountyKansas2,925320
Perkins CountySouth Dakota2,907620
Hitchcock CountyNebraska2,843300
Fallon CountyMontana2,838320
Logan CountyKansas2,810300
Aurora CountySouth Dakota2,7591580
Harmon CountyOklahoma2,721620
Pawnee CountyNebraska2,676270
Hamilton CountyKansas2,616520
Frontier CountyNebraska2,609250
Butte CountyIdaho2,602790
Elk CountyKansas2,56250
Kiowa CountyKansas2,526370
Rawlins CountyKansas2,509750
Sheridan CountyKansas2,5061140
Niobrara CountyWyoming2,44850
Greeley CountyNebraska2,410430
Sanborn CountySouth Dakota2,388740
McPherson CountySouth Dakota2,364560
Adams CountyNorth Dakota2,351590
Potter CountySouth Dakota2,326840
Liberty CountyMontana2,280280
Jeff Davis CountyTexas2,234170
Miner CountySouth Dakota2,2291140
Garfield CountyWashington2,224140
Highland CountyVirginia2,21490
Cimarron CountyOklahoma2,189340
Wichita CountyKansas2,143210
Keweenaw CountyMichigan2,130180
Menard CountyTexas2,123390
De Baca CountyNew Mexico2,06010
Mellette CountySouth Dakota2,055480
Boyd CountyNebraska2,042490
Worth CountyMissouri2,040260
Cheyenne CountyColorado2,039140
Gosper CountyNebraska2,015540
Garfield CountyNebraska1,975190
Judith Basin CountyMontana1,951150
Logan CountyNorth Dakota1,9271140
Steele CountyNorth Dakota1,910340
Gilliam CountyOregon1,907110
Deuel CountyNebraska1,89470
Golden Valley CountyNorth Dakota1,8821030
Garden CountyNebraska1,860170
Hodgeman CountyKansas1,842260
Dolores CountyColorado1,84130
Oliver CountyNorth Dakota1,837670
Eureka CountyNevada1,830100
Comanche CountyKansas1,780180
Daniels CountyMontana1,753160
Taliaferro CountyGeorgia1,665250
McCone CountyMontana1,630480
Sherman CountyOregon1,605180
Wallace CountyKansas1,575270
Irion CountyTexas1,524130
Kiowa CountyColorado1,44930
Campbell CountySouth Dakota1,435700
Glasscock CountyTexas1,430110
Wheeler CountyOregon1,42610
Foard CountyTexas1,408200
Prairie CountyMontana1,342290
Hyde CountySouth Dakota1,331330
Sully CountySouth Dakota1,331370
Carter CountyMontana1,318320
Harding CountySouth Dakota1,311330
Jackson CountyColorado1,29690
Sioux CountyNebraska1,266120
Greeley CountyKansas1,200100
Wibaux CountyMontana1,175370
Motley CountyTexas1,156120
Alpine CountyCalifornia1,14630
Sterling CountyTexas1,141110
Garfield CountyMontana1,141190
Clark CountyIdaho1,077400
Esmeralda CountyNevada98100
Billings CountyNorth Dakota946310
Hayes CountyNebraska943140
Camas CountyIdaho886390
Logan CountyNebraska88680
Roberts CountyTexas885140
Hinsdale CountyColorado87830
Terrell CountyTexas86240
Mineral CountyColorado823210
Wheeler CountyNebraska82230
Keya Paha CountyNebraska79280
Treasure CountyMontana777110
Kent CountyTexas749100
Jones CountySouth Dakota735270
Golden Valley CountyMontana724100
Grant CountyNebraska71840
Slope CountyNorth Dakota704120
Banner CountyNebraska69620
Borden CountyTexas66520
Thomas CountyNebraska64580
Loup CountyNebraska58550
San Juan CountyColorado54460
Blaine CountyNebraska48030
Harding CountyNew Mexico45910
McPherson CountyNebraska45490
Petroleum CountyMontana43230
Arthur CountyNebraska41830
King CountyTexas22810
Loving CountyTexas10200
Kalawao CountyHawaii7500

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