New job site targets ‘new collar workers’: The Millennials and Gen Z

A new job seeker platform targeting Millennials and Generation Z has launched with a focus on video interviews, instant messaging and candidate-job matching.

Rather than targeting the “white collar or blue collar” workforce, the start-up called inploi is targeting the “new collar” demographic of those under 40 years.

The New Zealand country manager of inploi, Damon Hyland, said companies needed to rethink how they approached the generations who had grown up with and were always connected with technology.

He said Millennials, those born between 1980 and 1994, and Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012 could connect better on a different platform than those currently offered.

“Companies need to rethink how they hire, retain and develop talent in order to keep pace,” Hyland said.

“Millennial and Gen-Zers have grown up with technology and are always connected so in order to reach them, employers need to ‘play where they are’ – connecting on the platforms and using the technologies they inhabit.”

Hyland said the platform – already in use in the UK and Germany – aimed to improve the recruitment experience for both job seekers and employers “providing an end-to-end hiring solution for companies looking to reach the next generation of talent.”

Millennials and Generation Z – the demographics making up the majority of today’s workforce – behave differently to those before them, Hyland said.

The way they interact with brands and access information has changed and to engage them successfully employers need to think of them as “consumers of workplaces”.

Hyland said inploi encouraged companies to connect to candidates by helping to tell their stories using captivating content, through inploi’s mobile apps and web platform.

“When it comes time to hire, inploi is a trusted recruitment technology services partner offering clients a full suite of technology, branding, and marketing solutions that reach the Millennial and Gen-Z demographic,” Hyland said.

“There are opportunities to create content, distribute a job listing, buy media, recruit via social media and access analytics, all through the platform.”

Hyland said inploi’s launch into New Zealand was exciting for companies who were still leaning on “outdated and inefficient methods to advertise jobs”.

“They’re spending significant sums trying to reach potential candidates via channels that are increasingly irrelevant,” he said.

“Trying to engage them with tools that deliver an outdated and alien user experience.”

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