In need of a wedding? One bride is selling hers for $15,000 on TikTok

After the COVID-19 pandemic and a move out of New York City, MacKenzie Newcomb is selling her wedding — for $15,000 on TikTok.

The wedding is based in New York and booked for Sept. 18. It already includes the venue, flowers and food for about 80 guests. 

Newcomb doesn’t need the wedding now because she’s already married. She and her husband Benjamin Jerrom now reside in the South Shore of Massachusetts and planned an intimate backyard wedding at Newcomb’s grandparents’ home. 

The couple, engaged in September 2019, faced grueling life changes in 2020. Jerrom’s father died last summer, and Newcomb’s grandparents faced an eight-week battle with COVID-19. After their move to Massachusetts, Newcomb said they simply wanted to “get married already.”

The couple met at their alma mater Suffolk University and dated for five years before getting engaged. 

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MacKenzie Newcomb and Benjamin Jerrom were married in an intimate ceremony in Massachusetts. (Photo: MacKenzie Newcomb)

“I am not the same person I was in September 2019. I could not be more different. Our lives couldn’t be more different. So this wedding, it really felt like somebody else’s,” Newcomb told USA TODAY.

The couple originally budgeted $20,000 for their wedding in New York and ended up spending $22,000. Newcomb said the nonrefundable expenses and venue loomed over her head, and her husband encouraged her to sell it to an engaged couple. 

That’s when Newcomb posted the offer on her TikTok account, which garnered over 130,000 views. She’s received over a hundred messages from interested engaged couples.

Newcomb, a book influencer, said the attention has been great for both business and selling the wedding. 

As of Wednesday morning, Newcomb said she and her husband have interviewed and decided on a couple to purchase their wedding. Now all that’s left is for the interested couple to meet with the vendors and sign a contract.

After spending $22,000 on the original wedding in New York and potentially selling it for $15,000, Newcomb would have lost about $7,000. However, she said it’s worth it to be freed of the wedding and venue commitment. 

The couple plan to use part of the $15,000 for their honeymoon in the Philippines next January or February.

“Honestly, I don’t mind the money lost. I’m happy another couple can enjoy their wedding day in the same way we enjoyed ours in Massachusetts.”

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