South Korean Internet Agency Teams With Coinplug To Develop Blockchain-Based Employee ID System

The Korea Internet and Security Agency (KISA) is partnering with blockchain firm Coinplug to develop a blockchain-based employee identification system that will be implemented in KISA’s multiple branches.

KISA is the Ministry of Science and ICT’s sub-organization dealing with the allocation and maintenance of South Korea’s Internet Protocol address space and Autonomous System Numbers. It is also responsible for cybersecurity of the Internet within South Korea, and runs the Korea Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (KrCERT/CC) for the private sector of the country.

Founded in 2013, Coinplug offers a bitcoin exchange, electronic wallet, and online point-of-sales service for Korean users. The company is continuously innovating in the field of blockchain, focusing in the areas of Identity & Authentication (Decentralized Identity, Self-Sovereign Identity), Payment Solutions and Assets Management.

Earlier this month, KISA expressed that it was planning to implement a blockchain-based system and on September 24 officially signed a contract with Coinplug to develop the project. According to KISA, Coinplug was selected due to its multiple successfully deployed services, its track record with other government-backed projects and the number of blockchain patents the company owns.

The new system, which will be implemented in the Naju office starting late next month, will use DID technology and QR codes which will provide a contactless experience, a necessary feature in the current COVID-19 situation. Another advantage of DID is that it can eliminate the risk of loss and theft of the existing plastic identification method by storing information of issuance and access into the blockchain and encrypting users’ personal information in their smartphone.

“The new ID service will also be used as a means for book loans and small payments in KISA’s cafeterias,” KISA said. “Coinplug and KISA expect that starting next year, the service will provide additional functions like general payments and online login, which will increase the convenience of government employees who enter the facility.”

Coinplug CEO Ryan Uhr said that they are confident that after the first introduction of DID-based mobile employee cards in a public institution is fully deployed, more and more organizations will trust and implement the technology.

“Coinplug is one of the blockchain pioneers in Korea and we’ve worked with multiple government-backed projects in the past years,” Uhr said. “After our recent deployment of services in Busan we are very happy to do the same in the capital of the country.”

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