Pixie:  A Newly launched SocialFi App in the Era of Web 3.0

Pixie, a blockchain-based social network, empowers creators to gain revenue directly.

In Web 3.0, SocialFi will fairly distribute the value to users

If the essence of Web 1.0 is interconnection, then Web 2.0’s essence should be interaction, which establishes a digital world that allows users to create, distribute, and share content conveniently. Based on Web 2.0, Web 3.0 can better reflect, creditably record and fairly distribute the value of users in the future.

In recent years, the creator economy, which enables users to monetize their creations, has gained more and more attention. Because those giant platforms built on Web 2.0 have made it impossible for common creators, who have not yet formed his/her network, to become self-sufficient or continue their creation. Therefore, the platforms have been accused of taking advantage of their centralized monopoly position to exploit the value created by common users over these years.

The emergence of Web 3.0 will put an end to the encroachment of user rights by Web 2.0 platforms and accelerate the development of the creator economy. With the help of Web 3.0, the newly launched SocialFi app Pixie, like a crypto version of TikTok or Instagram, allows the social value of digital content to return to its creators. 

Pixie,  a crypto version of TikTok or Instagram

Pixie supports both account and password login under Web 2.0 and user private key login under Web 3.0 directly. Just like the economic model of Web 3.0 projects, Pixie constructs an incentive model to encourage users to post high-quality content and engage in social interactions. Pixie rewards all social interactions with cryptocurrency PIX, which is called “social content mining”. Which means posting high-quality content that attracts more likes and reposts can get more PIX rewards while finding this content and interacting with them early can also get more PIX. Pixie employs the Energy mechanism to discourage abusive social activities, and introduces AI and machine learning technologies to manage reckless and abusive activities. 

Therefore, Pixie is gradually becoming a fun social platform that can let users earn cryptocurrency. Like GameFi, Pixie took the lead in realizing SocialFi in the yeahworld.

Through NFT technology, users in Pixie will obtain all rights to their digital content such as ownership, control rights, transaction rights, and revenue sharing rights, etc. With the help of NFT technology, Pixie is a pioneer in protecting the digital content copyright as soon as it is created.

What determines the price of PIX?

Of course, users will be very interested in the trading price of PIX after it has been listed on exchanges. We believe that the more users and social interactions Pixie has, and the better the quality of content, the higher the price PIX will have. By this point, you surely understand that the value of PIX comes from every creator of digital content and participants of social interactions, and the higher price of PIX will benefit every user.

More useful information:

Pixie is now available on Google Play and Apple Store! 

Official Website and whitepaper: https://www.pixie.xyz

Apple Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/id1585943863

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mobi.pixie.app

Telegram Group: https://t.me/Pixiegroup

Come to enjoy sharing in Pixie and earn PIX!

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