Teams With Regula Forensics To Bring KYC To Ad Targeting

Permission-based platform has integrated with the Regula Document Reader SDK to cover the full know-your-customer (KYC) process., a platform for businesses and consumers to conduct commerce on a permission basis, has created the cryptocurrency (ASK) to drive a transparent, trustworthy economy, one in which consumer engagement is achieved by asking permission, rather than by the current interruptive and exploitative commercial norms. Its mission is to lead the globe towards a permission-based economy that recognizes the value of an individual’s time and data.

Regula is a global software and hardware manufacturer focused on the verification of identity documents, banknotes, and securities. With 28 years of experience in automated verification and detailed examination of documents, Regula is a trusted name to experts in both the private and public sectors worldwide. The company has the industry’s largest database of document templates and uses artificial intelligence to automatically determine document type and reveal the visual signs of fraud.

The goal of the partnership is to mitigate the risk of fraud and deliver a verified audience to advertisers. Regula Document Reader SDK parses documents and extracts personal data, eliminating manual data input and minimizing misprints and mistakes. When it comes to data validation, Regula’s technology cross-checks the data obtained from MRZ, VIZ, and barcodes. The process of user identification is completed with face matching in seconds, while the personal data is secured by the internal Permission network.

“Digital Advertising is ripe for a change,” said Charles Silver, CEO of “Big tech exploits user data, and click fraud is estimated to grow into an $87 billion business in 2021. The major platforms grade their own homework, so to speak, and advertisers are getting the short end of the stick. Too often, the ads they pay to deliver are not even being seen. Permission is bringing the change this industry needs by respecting user data and by delivering to advertisers superior targeting and better ROI on their considerable spend.”

“Financial technology needs the most secure protection from fraud, and we’re happy to share our expertise in document forensics with emerging industry leaders to ensure clear and reliable fraud detection while onboarding and assets management,” said Arif Mamedov, President of Regula Forensics Inc. “Our web and mobile products have been designed to meet the requirements of fintech and to be seamlessly integrable into any scenario and interface.”

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