Cudos Ecosystem Welcomes Amsterdam Node as the Latest Validator Node for Cudos Network

The Cudos Network today announced it had added cyber security expert and crypto investor Marc as the latest validator with Amsterdam Node.

Amsterdam Node Joins the Cudos Network

Decentralized and high-performance layer 1 blockchain and layer 2 computation and oracle network Cudos Network today welcomed Marc – a noted cyber security expert and crypto investor as a validator with Amsterdam Node.

Notably, Marc several years of professional experience in cyber security and, as such, has been in the crypto industry since 2015. He was quickly mesmerized by the unique capabilities of blockchain technology and soon began studying the emerging technology with Bitcoin as the focus point.

According to the announcement, Amsterdam Node is the next validator to join the Cudos ecosystem and its vast network of partners and backers.

For the uninitiated, Amsterdam Node is a community-driven initiative that is committed to play a crucial role in pioneering the new era of the internet revolution. Cudos’ partnership with Amsterdam Node is a significant one and both the entities look forward to having a long-lasting and fruitful alliance.

Commenting on the development, Marc Landman, Amsterdam Node, said:

“In my years of experience as a cyber security professional, I’ve seen many secure technologies being exploited and have wondered how secure these technologies were. Being a validator on the Cudos network will allow Amsterdam Node to gain valuable practical experience and learn more about the concept of decentralised cloud computing. When I came across the paper about Cudos, I knew at once that I wanted to be a part of this innovative venture. And so here I am, a proud validator on the Cudos network!”

Similar sentiments were echoed by Pete Hill, VP of Sales at Cudos. He said:

“The validator network is an opportunity for anyone with the technical knowledge and desire to build revenues for themselves, to contribute their value to the Cudos network and participate in the wider web 3 revolutions. We’d like to welcome the Amsterdam node with open arms as we continue to scale and secure our network.”

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