Could The Blockchain Stop People Snooping On Your Phonecalls?

A new decentralised telecommunications platform has been created by the founders of EncryptoTel, aimed at boosting the privacy when it comes to business and individual communication.

The startup is already doing well, after catching the attention of investors during the crowdsale, where it raised more than $3 million of investment capital. The beta version of the automatic telephone exchange is being developed, and the final product is set to be launched towards the end of 2018.

Although we live in a world where we can instantaneously communicate via a variety of different platforms, the information is also open to a lot of prying eyes, whether this is from different corporations, governments or cyber criminals. This means that encrypted telecommunications are definitely the way forward, and it is likely that more traditional forms of telecommunications will likely migrate towards a practise that is more focused on security.

Encrypto Telecom already offers a huge range of telecommunication services, which have been based on innovative cloud PBX, which uses up to date solutions from the most effective digital technologies available today. They pride themselves on the quality of services that they offer their customers.

Individual users can utilise free communication on the network, and have the ability to divert their number; whilst businesses can utilise over 100 local numbers from a huge range of countries, cities and states. Marketers, as well can utilise a private room for each advertising channel, and take advantage of call records analysis.

Encrypto Telecom is not like other ICOs, because they have successfully followed through on their promise, by implementing the beta version of the product. Like we previously said, the full version is set to be launched later on this year, allowing them to enter the market with a completely unique product that is not available anywhere else.

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