Aerospace Defense Firm Thales Adopts Blockchain Technology for NATO Compliance

The adoption of blockchain in the defense industry has taken another leap forward with Thales utilizing the novel tech in complying with NATO standards. From identity management to secure data sharing several countries are deploying decentralized ledger technology (DLT) in their defense programs.

Thales Using Blockchain for Defense Management System

The French defense contractor announced the news of its blockchain adoption via a statement issued on its website on Thursday (November 5, 2020). According to the announcement, Thales is deploying the novel tech to comply with NATO standards.

An excerpt from the press statement reads:

“To comply with NATO standards and those of the Ministries of Defense with which the company collaborates, blockchain will be used to ensure the traceability of all parts and products handled in the Production and Maintenance Center.”

As part of its announcement, Thales revealed that the planned blockchain-based management system will be utilized for radiocommunication, naval, and aerospace equipment. The DLT-deployment activities will reportedly take place in the company’s hub in Spain.

For Thales, blockchain adoption offers the ability to ensure interconnectivity among workbenches and testing infrastructure within its production and maintenance infrastructure. The defense giant says DLT utilization will help to improve its production efficiency as well as the quality of products while smoothening customer relationship wrinkles.

Thursday’s announcement is a culmination of the company’s work with blockchain in recent times. Back in 2018, Thales collaborated with consultancy giant Accenture to develop a DLT-based supply chain for aircraft.

Apart from blockchain, Thales is also utilizing big data, another emerging technology, in its production process. Highlighting the role of big data, the Thales announcement declared:

“The Big Data generated in the factory’s machines will be used to optimize processes and draw conclusions to guarantee continuous business improvement: repair times, improvements in repairs, etc.”

DLT for Defense

Several countries are already examining the role of blockchain in their defense apparatus. Back in May, BTCManager reported that the U.S. Dept. of Defense (DOD) was looking to deploy DLT in safeguarding military research and development (R&D) data.

The DOD is also experimenting with blockchain for security military communication and intelligence.

In South Korea, the country’s military back in April 2019 announced the adoption of blockchain in its defense acquisition program data sharing mechanism.

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