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Watford F.C, an English professional football club, has extended its partnership with, an online sports betting firm, to enable the latter place the Bitcoin logo on the club’s shirt sleeves. The formidable alliance will also allow Watford fans to purchase club merchandise using bitcoin (BTC), reports  Sportspromedia on September 12, 2019.

A Forward-Thinking Alliance

In an exciting development for cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world, Bitcoin has reached another significant milestone in its journey towards mainstream adoption, as the logo of the world’s flagship cryptocurrency will now be visible to millions of soccer fans across the globe, thanks to the alliance.

Per sources close to the matter, Watford F.C. has expanded its partnership with, in a move that will see the  Bitcoin logo rest permanently on the sleeves of the club’s jerseys starting from September 15, 2019.

Reportedly, the new partnership is a redrawn contract that will also enable Watford fans to purchase official club merchandise and products using bitcoin.

As such, Watford F.C. has officially become the first football club in England to accept bitcoin as a payment option for club merchandise and it might also make the blockchain-based digital asset an onsite currency during match days.

The partnership between Watford and reportedly began in June 2019 through a three-year deal that has gotten Sportsbet’s logo emblazoned at the front of Watford’s home and away shirts.

Partnership Will be Crowdfunded

Further explaining what the most recent deal entails, Justin Le Brocque, head of marketing, said the partnership will be crowdfunded and as such, it gives crypto enthusiasts the opportunity to share in sponsor benefits.

“Contributors can bid for public LED space shown live during matches, use of the Bitcoin box for eight people and merchandise via a dedicated online platform,” Le Brocque said

Le Brocque also stated that the sports betting company’s deal with Watford signals a significant disruption in the world of conventional sports sponsorship.

And by adding the Bitcoin logo on the team’s shirts, hopes the partnership will create more rave around cryptocurrencies.

In the same vein, Scott Duxbury, chairman and chief executive of Watford, said using the Bitcoin logo on a Premier League shirt rivals the accepted standard.

Watford is delighted about the collaboration and its potential to begin new global conversations for the club, Duxbury added.

In related news, On June 7, 2019, BTCManager informed that Portuguese football club, Benfica has collaborated with digital payments platform, Utrust to allow its fans to purchase game tickets and club merchandise with cryptocurrency.

BTCManager also reported on September 6, 2019, that Spanish football club Atletico de Madrid has partnered with blockchain company to offer Fan tokens to its supporters.

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