Trader stole Bitcoin for $ 2,8 million from his company

He wanted better, but something went wrong.

A Chicago trader from Consolidated Trading LLC is accused of misappropriating 2,8 million dollars from his company.

Joseph Kim, a trader: "I can not believe I could not stop"

The company formed a crypto-exchange group in September and in the same month transferred Kim to this unit as an assistant broker.

Kim was forbidden to trade outside the company, in order to avoid a conflict of interest, he agreed to do so.

However, after starting work in the crypto department, Kim began to translate crypto-currencies into his wallet.

When this fact was seen, Kim claimed that he had transferred funds to a "personal wallet for security reasons." Kim conducted such transactions twice, one of them, apparently, hung and Kim returned the money to the purse of the firm.

Total trader has transferred about 284 BTC to Consolidated in his personal wallet. Later, Kim said that, contrary to the ban, he was engaged in trading, but unsuccessfully.

The company he returned around 144 BTC, about 1,4 million dollars, 603 000 dollars Kim still must return.

Joseph Kim admits his guilt, he called himself "degen" (degenerate) and tried to justify himself in a letter to his superiors: "I was not going to steal for myself … I was perverted trying to fix what I had already done. I can not believe that I did not stop, "writes Fortune.

The trader's case is examined in the Chicago court.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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