Reddit’s r/cryptocurrency Subreddit Is Prohibiting Memes and Shilling

Reddit moderators updated recent policy by creating new subreddit called r/cryptocurrencymemes. It is in use for the memes and shilling sort of content.

Reddit is the online and most powerful destination to discuss regarding cryptocurrency and the emerging blockchain technology. A huge number of users subscribe to heaps of subreddits where industry experts, optimistic investors, as well as crypto enthusiasts converse about the explosive cryptocurrency.

The few popular crypto subreddits on the Reddit Forum are:

Recently, the community’s moderators announced the updated policy by making r/cryptocurrency forum as a central role in this trend.

r/cryptocurrency is one of the largest crypto related forums on Reddit with more than 18,000 readers. Updated policy aims to limit a rising number of co-ordinated deception campaigns from personalities obtaining benefits from manipulating the market.

Moderator explained that:

“After receiving confirmation from the Reddit Admins, of numerous professional and highly-orchestrated manipulation groups being identifying, as well as having the Reddit Admins site-ban more than 800+ manipulator accounts in a single day.”

“We set about to make a series of rule changes that we believe will combat these challenges”.

Reddit is moving all funniness and meme posts to the new subreddit called r/cryptocurrencymemes. This subreddit is mainly for this sort of content. However, all the memes will be detach from the central subreddit and relocate to an afresh founded one.

The moderators are also strictly holding their control on the content of posts. Low-quality posts related to coin, including professional shilling and manipulation groups. However it will be forbidden from standalone posts.

It continued,

“This action is ultimately misguided, while the goal is to promote their coin to adopt more users. Its their coin just becomes seen as spammy by the larger crypto community. It ends up hurting everyone involved. In order to reduce spam and shilling attacks, we’re going to be prohibiting a number of types of posts from being standalone posts”.

All the users are influencing to update such related content in the “Daily Discussion Thread” held at the top of the community.

Ultimately, r/cryptocurrency moderators inform that it will exclude any content designed to annoy particular individuals, unsubstantiated rumors, and destructive responses spoiling fruitful discussions.

This revised policy mainly designed to overcome the difficulty to follow due to the silly meme and blatant shilling posts.

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