Could This Be The Next Bitcoin Merge Fork?

There have recently been numerous rumours about another Bitcoin merge fork which could see a merge between two technologies. As many will know, this happened very recently between both Bitcoin and ZClassic, merging to form the currency no known as Bitcoin Private.

There are a number of reasons for taking actions like this, it can be experimental and likewise, it can be done to establish new parameters within coins, so, in the example of Bitcoin Private, this was carried out to allow for a currency with a faster processing speed with ultimate privacy at heart at a relatively low cost.

Now, reports are pointing towards a merge between Bitcoin and PrimeCoin, establishing a new spin-off Bitcoin called Bitcoin Prime. Reports stem from a tweet by Rhett Creighton, the creator of ZClassic who has stated that PrimeCoin should be the next in line for the Bitcoin merge fork treatment. This, followed another tweet, which has caused a bit of a storm in the crypto-sphere.

Because of this tweet, PrimeCoin’s XPM spiked in value, growing over 100% and peaking just above $2.30. This of course sparked fears about a pump and dump, similar to what occurred with ZClassic not so long ago, during Creighton’s previous merge fork project.

This news has continued to impact the value of XPM of course. At the time of writing, XPM is valued at $3.51 and is up 50.89%. We should note that the highest recorded XPM value currently sits at $7.15, as recorded in November 2013, so, we’re a little way off seeing those sorts of values again, for now at least.

The twitter-sphere has had very mixed reactions to this news, some are referring to the potential merge as really good news, it will give investors the opportunity to buy low and sell high, something that the majority of investors strive for (saying that, I’ve never met anyone who aims to do the opposite) others on the other hand are far less optimistic about this potential merge and are calling out Creighton for what seems to be his relentless need to constantly ‘give birth’ to new Bitcoin-hybrids.

Either way, this news has clearly had an impact on the value of XPM, leaving the PrimeCoin camp at least pleased with the progression of their currency. Since the tweet and since the explosion on Twitter, Creighton has had very little to say.

I think we can be rest assured that this will happen, it really is just a matter of when.

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