Momentous Entertainment To Accept Investment In Cryptocurrencies

Digital media and entertainment company Momentous Entertainment Group is set to start accepting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, as a form of alternative investment. Momentous will probably become the first publicly traded company to accept investments in cryptocurrencies.

Momentous has appointed Andrew Birnbaum in the newly created role of Chief Digital Currency Officer.

Birnbaum said, “After consultations with several prominent SEC attorneys, we believe that, to our knowledge, there has not been a publicly traded company that accepts digital currency as a form of investment.”

Birnbaum will be responsible for aiding the process of initially accepting Bitcoin and Ether, and adding other such cryptos to the list in the future.

His role also includes oversight of the exchange of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, interaction with potential investors interested in the use of cryptocurrency, regulatory compliance, and other activities.

“Momentous is not interested in attracting any “Bad Actors” to participate here. The people and entities interested in investing digital currency with a public company understand the regulatory requirements to Know your Customer and abide by Anti Money Laundering protocols,” Birnbaum said.

by RTTNews Staff Writer

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