Huobi Pro Successfully Expands to South Korea

Cryptocurrency exchanges are an integral part of the ecosystem as a whole. Even though centralized platforms are a bit problematic, they still remain incredibly convenient. As such, Huobi Pro has made it clear expansion is one of their top priorities. As of right now, the company is active in South Korea as well, which is an important milestone.

South Korea is perhaps the biggest region for cryptocurrency right now. Its local exchanges generate a lot of trading volume in quick succession. Moreover, the country is home to various Bitcoin kiosks, as well as retailers experimenting with this form of payment. Although Bitcoin is far from mainstream, the region is certainly of interest to cryptocurrency companies. That includes Huobi Pro, by the look of things.

Huobi Pro is Expanding Quickly

More specifically, the company has successfully set up shop in South Korea. Huobi Pro made the decision to expand in early March of 2018. As such, they aim to tackle this new market and make its impact in quick succession. By offering this new trading platform in this country, the company will certainly attract a fair bit of attention in the future.

What makes this development even more intriguing is how serious Huobi Pro is about it. More specifically, the company starts with 201 trading pairs. These markets span a total of 99 different currencies and digital assets. It is quite an impressive list, especially when considering how South Korean markets tend to be pickier. Then again, Huobi doesn’t take the process of adding new currencies lightly either.

Whether or not the company can complete with local exchanges, is a different matter. Anything is possible in the world of cryptocurrency these days. The overall demand for Bitcoin and altcoins has not slowed down either. Huobi Pro can certainly make its mark in South Korea, although it is evident there will be some fierce competition. That will ultimately benefit all cryptocurrency users in the region, though.

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