Bread iOS Wallet now Supports Bitcoin Cash Alongside Bitcoin” />

There is more to cryptocurrency than just Bitcoin. A fair few altcoins have made a name for themselves in recent months. Bitcoin Cash is certainly a coin worth keeping an eye on this regard. Bread, the popular iOS wallet, now supports BCH alongside BTC. An interesting decision, to say the least.

Bread is one of the most popular mobile wallets across both iOS and Android. The iOS version has recently received a big update. Users can now send, receive, and store Bitcoin Cash alongside Bitcoin itself. This same feature will come to the Android version in the very near future. It is evident the developers want to support as many currencies as possible. Right now, both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are effectively supported. It is possible other coins may be added.

BCH Support Comes to the Bread Wallet

This is not the first time Bread decides to venture into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. The company issued BCH tokens to Bitcoin holders a while ago. Anyone who wanted to move their balance could use a native extraction tool to do so. It is possible some users are still holding this “invisible” balance as of right now. With the new update, storing and sending those coins becomes a lot more straightforward.

Full support for Bitcoin Cash was coming at some point. It is evident Bread kept their promise in this regard, which is good to see. It also appears a fair few of their users are not against supporting BCH. There is no real outspoken support either, but the option is there for those willing to use it. Giving users more options is always a smart approach in this regard.

It is also worth noting Bitcoin Cash is only the first asset to be added to Bread. Which other tokens may be on the list remains to be seen. It seems the company leans toward Ethereum and a few ERC20 tokens. If things go according to plan, these additions will occur at some point in the next few months. For now, BTC and BCH will be supported until further notice.

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