Bitcoin [BTC], ETH, Ripple [XRP], LTC, XLM, Tron [TRX], XMR – Weekly News Summary – 18 March to 24 March

The Weekly Summary segment is a look at the major news to break out for every token. It also includes other technology and regulatory decisions related news from around the world which made a difference this past week.

Bitcoin [BTC]:

  1. Bitcoin started the week on a high with a 14% spike in value after news from Japan stated that the Mt. Gox trustee claimed that his selling of Bitcoins didn’t affect the price.
  2. Darknet market vendors or called DNM vendors might have a lot of Bitcoins but with the growing regulatory concerns, cashing them out could be an issue.
  3. The Chief Executive of Twitter said that Bitcoin could take over the Dollar in importance very soon.
  4. Bitcoin’s blockchain allegedly appears to be filled with illicit content like child pornography
  5. The recent hack in the city of Atlanta has hackers demand exchange ransom of $51,000 worth Bitcoins.

Ethereum [ETH]:

  1. The week started out on a low note for ETH with prices hitting a low of $450 before coming back up again. Allegedly ICOs started dumping ETH and major tokens like EOS was blamed for the fiasco too.
  2. Ethereum generally considered as the “lesser” volatile crypto was still one of the biggest losers the past week despite the market being green till yesterday.

Ripple [XRP]:

  1. Ripple [XRP] got listed on BitBay
  2. The Ripple team explained liquidy solutions through xRapid
  3. Cory Johnson, Ripple’s new Chief Market Strategist joins them from Bloomberg and markets were excited that day.
  4. Ripple’s team announced the updated of the new Rippled version which is meant to fix external security issues and bugs.
  5. In a move to hit the Chinese markets, Ripple announced their new cross-border payment solution using xCurrent.
  6. They announced a new bug bounty hunter program.
  7. The biggest news that hit the market was the Santander UK and Ripple partnership for the launch of a new app.

Litecoin [LTC]:

  1. AbraGlobal decided to use the Litecoin network over others.
  2. The iOS update for Loaf Wallet and the new updates related to making international transfers easier were released by the Litecoin team.

Stellar Lumens [XLM]:

  1. Markets reacted positively on March 20th after Stellar announced that they would be adopting the Lightning Network
  2. Jed McCaleb talked about how Stellar Lumens could change the way the global payment systems work currently.
  3. Stellar welcomed Kin Foundation a partnership the community believes will help change things for the better in the future.


  1. Justin Sun announced the launch of the Test Net countdown timer – the most anticipated update by the community.
  2. TRON [TRX] got listed on the OTCBTC exchange platform.
  3. Justin Sun and Ari Paul announced their support for Rick and Morty season 4.
  4. With Test Net launch just a week away, TRON added another person to their tech team to strengthen its process.
  5. Tron surged by more than 60% in anticipation of the Test Net which is set to remove the Ethereum dependancy.

Technology News this past week:

  1. Earlier this week, fake emails imitating PayPal had spooked users – it sent out a “warning” notice against using Bitcoins.
  2. IBM announced a new alarm technology to warn users against hacks.
  3. Google becomes the latest entrant who wants to try out blockchain technology for various purposes.
  4. Yahoo Japan could possibly start a new cryptocurrency exchange.
  5. CZ confirmed the FSA notice on Binance but reiterated that users didn’t have to worry.
  6. Snapchat banned ICO ads following Facebook, Google and Twitter.
  7. US President, Donald Trump banned the trade of the Venezuelan digital cryptocurrency trade in the US.
  8. Circle revealed their plans to expand their offerings to improve Poloniex.

Other Noticeable mentions this past week:

  1. NANO updates aim to improve their reach in the market.
  2. NEM [XEM] was available to trade on Binance with a Bitcoin, Ethereum or a BNB pairing.
  3. QTUM went berserk earlier this week with a 55% gain.
  4. Monero [XMR]’s new mining algorithm was released.


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