In Australia, scammers in the guise of officers collect "tax debt" from the owners of Bitcoin

Regulation of the Crypto currency has gone a bit out of control.

The Australian Tax Office (Australian Tax Office, ATO) warned of a new form of fraud: rogues for types of tax officers are required to pay tax debts to Bitcoin users and other crypto-currencies, reportsNews.

ATU recalls that one should not confuse fictitious debts with real tax debts for real investors with crypto-currencies.

"So far this is only a small amount (paid to scammers)," says ATO Assistant Commissioner Kat Anderson. "We only learned about it at the end of 2017 when (Bitcoin users) paid 50 000 dollars to scammers … We expect (this amount ) will grow".

According to her, the victims sent payments to the specified details through cryptomatics, as well as via SMS and e-mail.

"Unfortunately, it is inevitable that scammers will be targeted at crypto-currency, taking into account its current popularity and anonymity. Crypto currency functions in a virtual world, and once scammers get paid, it's almost impossible to return, "warns Anderson.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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