72% of Germans surveyed are not interested in Bitcoin

A study published on the fifteenth of February in the German Federal Association of Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, revealed that more than two-thirds of the Germans are aware of Bitcoin.

Awareness of the most popular crypto currency doubled in two years, when thirty-six percent of German citizens were familiar with Bitcoin, and in five years this figure quadrupled, reports Bitkom.

According to a poll this year, four percent of the thousands interviewed own Bitcoin, nineteen percent said they plan to purchase Bitcoin, and seventy-two percent said they are not interested in crypto currency.

As reported in the Bitkom poll, the two main reasons referred to by seventy-two percent of respondents are the risks of high price volatility and ignorance of the practical use of Bitcoin.

On Monday, European supervisory authorities warned consumers that cryptocredits are "High-risk"Assets that show "Obvious signs of a price bubble".

According to a survey last month, more than fifty-six percent of Russians have heard of Bitcoin. In August last year, billionaire investor Charles Xue suggested that the vast majority of people in China, from seventy to eighty percent, had never heard of Bitcoin.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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