2 Crore INR bounty is announced by Coinsecure on successful recovery of the stolen Bitcoin [BTC]

The crypto space experienced another chaotic and perplexing hack attack on Coinsecure with a loss of about 438 BTC accounting to almost 3 million dollars. Coinsecure confirmed the offline wallet hack but, the official letter stated there was never a hack leaving the users in dismay and unclear news.

In an update from their official website, they stated:

“We are seeking help from the Bitcoin community and all our users who can help us identify the hacker or give us any information that could lead us to recover funds.”

According to the latest news today, Coinsecure has announced a bounty of 2 crores for anybody who recovers the lost coins, without ignoring the refund compensation. They have promised to return the money to users within the next 15 days. The loss of Rs. 20 crores from a digital wallet holding users’ fund surely frustrated the team and announced the reimbursement with their own funds in a rather helpless situation.

This theft also accounts for the biggest digital theft of crypto coins in India affecting around 11,000 clients, as noted from reports.

Mohit Kalra, Chief of Bitcoin exchange in Coinsecure stated:

“We will announce the refund process in the next 5-10 days as we are in the process of getting the website back up to allow customers to log in and withdraw funds.”

Coinsecure stated:

“We are happy to issue a bounty of 10 percent to the community for help rendered for recovery of BTC.”

A statement by parent firm Secure Bitcoin Traders Pvt on Thursday mentioned that the Chief Security Officer, Dr. Amitabh Saxena had withdrawn BTC to distribute to punters when he realized the funds were mislaid and Coinsecure found itself $3.5 million lighter.

In the FIR to Delhi Police, it stated:

“As the private keys are kept with Dr. Amitabh Saxena, we feel that he is making a false story to divert our attention and he might have a role to play in this entire incident. The incident reported by Dr. Amitabh Saxena does not seem convincing to us.”

Satyen, a Twitterati said:

“It is just not a hack, it is a scam conspiracy for sure. Such greedy bastards playing with our money and lives. Losing trust in everything day by day. Nothing is safe or trustworthy not even digital currency as they claim it to be. Where is the world heading to? No good cause is ever left without an evil’s touch.”

The investigations are in progress and the team has been requesting their users and speculators to wait for further updates.

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