TRON [TRX]’s Super Representative recruitment is the Master Node for the future of the network

Justin Sun post the announcement of the test net launch or the scheduled main net launch has now announced a Super Representative recruitment program for TRON’s Master Node in the future.

This will empower the future Main net and enhance its ecosystem. Tron will test the existing ecosystem that is used, over the next two months duration where they will spend real money on community galvanizing and Tron based ecosystem building.

The special recruitment program is similar to the Bitcoin super miner where it is all about recruiting power for the master node including users’ motivation and intensive interaction. This will ensure sharing the operating power for the primary target of collecting a tremendous capacity of power that gives a competition to a supercomputer.

Justin Sun and Tron Foundation have been constantly tweeting regarding the elections with every candidate who has stood for and supported it. The voting is live and the results will be announced sometime soon.

Tron [TRX] is currently trading at $0.049, with a market cap is worth $3.2 billion and has seen a 35% increase this week. Many from the community consider TRON to be a star project and believe that it is in a rapid growth stage. The recent test net launch and other positive developments have helped build a strong community presence for TRON.


Wendie, a Tron enthusiast says:

“I’ve been on this ride with TRON for a number of months now. I’m patiently biding my time and know the tsunami is coming! Many people have gotten scared and bailed… not me or my son! Keep on, keep on!”

Salman Karim, a Justin follower commented:

“It’s called marketing, Justin is investing Tron funds to get better visibility, what’s wrong with that? You rather have him take investors’ money and run away, or just slowly fade into nothingness and spend the funds on a yacht? Look at failed projects with no marketing.”

Senthil, a Twitterati says:

“Businesses like aircraft, real estate to ball bearings who advertise have to do the same thing its pay to play whether Google PPC or Reuters, Tron is doing the right thing by staying out in front.”

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