TRON [TRX] has 1440 commits from 41 contributors – the second most active on Github

Turbulence is part of the market’s routine and the coins have just begun to noticeably rise after a long time. Despite a bearish market, many coins are struggling to push themselves up while Tron [TRX] is flexing all its muscles to go beyond all doubts.

Supporters and observer weighing on Tron and its actions are expecting that the currency is on the verge of making a big development and could possibly jump to the top 6 within the next few months. Tweets and posts will definitely not build a project or take the coin to a peak – says the entire market who mocked Justin and his team for concentrating only on social media marketing and activities.

The team has responded to all those non-supporters by actually displaying the efforts they are putting and showed some serious work happening in the backend, by the entire team. According to some reports, there have been over 1,440 commits from 41 contributors, ranking Tron just behind EOS on GitHub.

Brian Galassini, a Twitterati said:

“The haters are being silenced one by one, keep up the pace, you have the next target at your fingertips. If not you, then who???”

In a recent tweet, Justin Sun, founder of Tron also announced today about a live stream talk with Taiwanese legislator, Jason Hsu about blockchain and cryptocurrency. He said:


“Livestream with Taiwanese legislator Jason Hsu in 30min at 11 am GMT+8 to talk about blockchain & cryptocurrency. Taiwan is moving towards liberalizing crypto! Livestream in Mandarin, EN subtitles coming soon.”

Abdulla Nazim, a TRX holder tweeted:

“Big news’ are coming soon! Hopefully next week! If it hits a dollar I’d be impressed. My gut feeling says it will reach $1.00 around June/July… you watch! “

Stewart Roger, a market enthusiast said:

“Nice! Wait to see Tron in Alibaba & WeChat after this move, MOON!! Yeahhh boiiii!!! Kill it justin!!!! Show them de what you are!!”

As their meeting ended, Justin Sun announced the support for English subtitles so the entire world could watch and actually educate themselves as the majority of them had expressed the difficulty of not being able to attend the talks and interviews without translation or subtitles.

He tweeted:

“Fantastic! We will have an English translation soon! Nice meeting with legislator Jason in ROC Taiwan. We will have a live streaming tomorrow 12pm Taipei Time.”

Benjamin, another dramatic Twitterati says:

“Awesome! English Subtitles coming soon! Much appreciations to it. You go Justin! Great projects, cool prep for dump. Winning!!”

After dangling for a long time at $0.03-$0.04, TRX has finally imbibed some hope and many say it would be fair to expect Tron closing in on hitting $1. Over the past week at press time, TRX has witnessed a 26% price gain and is currently trading at $0.05 with a market cap of $3.3 billion.

Matthai Kurien, a TRX investor from Kandy says,

“NEM is standing very close at the 14th position with a market cap of $3.2 billion. With the market turning slightly bullish on Sunday morning, supporters are expecting Tron to pull itself up and zoom away.”

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