TRON [TRX] at #12 yesterday and #10 today – Booming with a 10% hike!

TRON is flying high with TRX rocketing while the rest of the market continues to decline. The market is sure going flat and the total market cap is still hovering around with a threat of further drop still looming.

TRX is trading 10% higher than it was yesterday and is trading at $0.049 as seen at press time and the overall gains of the entire week sum up to almost 26%. TRON had slowly risen from its older position to reach the 12th rank on CoinMarketCap yesterday. It has moved further up in the market and is currently placed at the 10th position being one of the very few coins highlighted in green in a red shed market.

Justin Sun tweets about his joy about this long-awaited accomplishment of gaining back the momentum and position in the market.

With only two days left for the Test Net launch, Justin Sun tweets:

“#TRON Test Net Launch Countdown 2 days, 50 hours, 3,000 minutes, 183,000 seconds! #TRX $TRX”

TRX is heavily traded on Asian exchanges like Binance, Huobi and Upbit with major volumes accounting for 12% of the daily volume. This has also seen a rise over the last week and is currently worth $310 million.

Scott, a crypto enthusiast commented addressing Justin Sun:

“As a Tron bag HODLER, I want to tell this Justin, don’t tweet shit like this until Tron can actually hold its position. Remember last time you bragged about Tron’s ranking??”

Sanjay, a speculator on Twitter said:

“TRON’s nickname should be CryptoTRONIC-The Tonic of crypto. TRON to become 3rd just after Ethereum was referred to as “Safe Bet” currency. Best potential utility coin, I already have a killer Dapp to run on TRON’s spine and the best thing is, I just learned Python for free.”

Marta commented on a forum:

“Congratulations, but this is only because everything else is down. March 31st is an anticipated date. After that the effects of this crash will hit Tron as well. Is the short term price is all that you care about? Tell us more, how are you going to develop your technology, what are the new futures instead!”


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