Quantstamp – Reversal After 90% Correction?

Quantstamp is a fresh buy a unique project holding strong potential. Since it became publicly trading it rose from $0.045 up to $0.87, resulting in almost 2000% growth.

Nevertheless, a heavy correction down followed and QSP/USD declined by nearly 90%, where it found the support at 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level. Prior to that, it rejected the uptrend trendline and still failing to break below the price where the trendline was rejected.

At this stage, Quantstap is likely to start reversing, or at the very least should produce a corrective wave up. There few minor resistance on the way up and it has to be seen how price will react to them. In any case, considering the total coin supply, the potential, and the current price, Quanstamp has all the chances to grow x10 at the very least.

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