Ontology [ONT] introduces the first VRF based public chains – VBFT

Ontology is all set to release its new consensus algorithm VBFT after the release of its first batch of open-source projects on GitHub. VBFT algorithm combines Proof of Stake [PoS] VRF [Verifiable Random Function] and Byzantine Fault Tolerance [BFT]. VBFT has been introduced to ensure that state finality can be reached efficiently and much faster.

Consensus Network and Consensus candidate Network are the two main parts of Ontology’s core network.

Consensus Network is responsible for consensus on transaction requests, block generation, and distributing consensus blocks among all the nodes to maintain a synchronous node. Whereas, Consensus Candidate Network updates the consensus network to the latest consensus block on the blockchain.

VBFT is an advanced version of BFT from the perspective of Verifiable Random Function [VRF]. VBFT algorithm executes in various steps. Initially, the consensus candidate nodes are selected based on the VRF. Then the block verification nodes are set, followed by the confirmation nodes. The process ends with the selection of the final node set.

The randomness generated by VRF is very difficult to predict, hence VBFT concentrates on improving resistance against attacks to the consensus algorithm.


VBFT’s auto-configuration

VBFT is designed in such a way that the Ontology consensus management smart contract updates the node list automatically on a regular basis. This improves the network quality and supports mandatory updates of node lists in case of cyber attacks through stake based voting.

VBFT’s fork choice

VBFT algorithm provides fast state finality by destroying the malicious fork which was created due to VRF’s priority order of nodes. In VBFT fork, fork priority weighting will be calculated based on the priority sequencing. All the nodes will be capable of selecting suitable fork based on the fork priority weighting.

Kevin Kong, a Twitterati says:

“GOOD JOB, #ont to the moon”

Hans Vredevoort, a blockchain developer commented:

“Amazing and utterly awesome read. The Ontology team has given great detail with their newly available testnet. Well done boys and girls!”

The team has also published an official letter to the community which describes the complete working of its first projects which are already on GitHub.

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