Nano Foundation has taken the lawsuit seriously! The firm is giving hope to all BitGrail victims

Following the lawsuit filed by the U.S based investor against the Nano’s core team, the firm has announced a legal fund release for all the BitGrail victims.

The team has revealed the plans which they have made regarding their progress in providing justice to the entire community who were victims of the most popular scam among the cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The team had begun its investigation and decision-making process to help and support the victims in the month of February itself.

Subsequently, the Nano Foundation got in touch with a representative of BitGrail victims named Espen Enger. During the past two months, the team was constantly in touch with Mr. Enger and prepared him to deal with the legal fund of all the victims in Italy.

The team continued its discussion with Mr. Enger along with the Italian law firm BonelliErede and have decided to establish a total legal fund valued at $2 million to match the investments of the users.

According to Nano Foundation, there are about 1400 victims in Italy who are seeking justice through different means. The firm has advised all the victims to communicate with Mr. Enger by sending an email to [email protected] by mentioning their name, country of residence, and the amount of Nano in the BitGrail account. Mr. Enger is responsible to track all the emails and reach out to the victims and take necessary actions. The victims will be given a link to track the status of their legal action separately.

The team finally mentioned that they have reliable evidence to confirm that the scam was only due to a bug in BitGrail’s exchange software. However, they are working hard to help all the victims to recover from the scam and they are available to give complete technical assistance to Mr. Ernger and Bonelli Erde until the issue has been completely recovered.

Dylan, a Nano investor says:

How does this help? The money is already gone… You backed the exchange that lost everyone’s money and this is all you’re doing?”

Colin Cooley, a Twitterati says:

“This is all your doing? Willing to donate $1M of their own funds. You’re probably one of the people screaming for a fork”

A cryptocurrency enthusiast says:

“Classy and professional as always!”

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