Litecoin [LTC] announces new Litecoin Core upgrade

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin [LTC], tweeted some exciting news to all the LTC coin followers and traders which says:

“we have just tagged Litecoin Core 0.16rc1. Once we have tested it enough, it will be released.”

Litecoin [LTC]

It is an experimental digital currency which allows instant payments irrespective of the place, person and time. Towing a solid line as the 5th best coin in the world with a market capital of $8 billion, it is trading at $159.71 as seen at press time. OKEx, GDAX, Bitfinex, Binance, etc. are few exchanges that are currently trading this currency.

Litecoin Core

Litecoie Core is the open source software that allows the use of Litecoin [LTC] currency. It is released under the MIT license terms and is maintained by the Litecoin development team. The initial synchronization takes time and lot of space since it consists the entire Litecoin client, which in turn downloads the full blockchain.

The Litecoin core was upgraded a few hours ago by the team, but not officially released. They mentioned that the upgrade needs few more levels of thorough testing before it can be given out for use. This new version, 0.16 is supposed to have native SegWit Bech32 support as well as lower fees. It is a reference wallet and not a coin fork or an offspring which is a common misconception.

This update has been released after a short duration of the Bitcoin Core v0.16.0 upgrade.

Brad Natoshi, a Litecoin follower on Twitter says:

“We are grateful to the entire team which has worked hard for this upgrade. All of this wouldn’t even exist without you all. SatoshiLite how does it feel? This is the kind of stuff that will make a decentralized world possible, power to the people!”

Zayd Akmal suggests through his tweet:

“Could you guys just call it version 1.0? 0.16 sounds like work is not significant and it is still in early stage of a beta version.”

Graham another speculator commented:

“Long live LTC, you have done a brilliant job. Wow, it’s like the Holy Trinity — It came in three’s? Can we find pie or pizza or somewhere in the code? Good work Mr. Lee and Thank You.”

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