Lesser known Ontology [ONT] token jumps to 21st position with a 91% hike!

Despite the bearish market, the lesser known Ontology [ONT] token has jumped by 91% in the past week and has now sprung up to the 21st position on the coinmarketcap list which ranks tokens according to their market cap.

ONT at press time was trading at $4.43 to a token with a market cap of $1 billion showing a 6% growth in the past 24 hours.

Ontology [ONT] is a disseminated trust collaboration platform. Its public blockchain includes a series of smart contract systems and complete distributed ledgers. Ontology will have the ability to develop new modules based on specific scenario requirements. What they try to solve is the current problem of business who need blockchain but lack the knowledge of it to implement it.

Martiin Rohatuik, a crypto evangelist says,

“Twitter could right now use ONT. The number of unverified spammers are countless and with a technology like ONT could help weed out this issue with verification right at the source. People are slowly getting to know about them, I jumped in earlier, defintely can see it in the Top 10 within this year”

Karen Sanchez, a financial advisor from Chicago says,

“One of the few that I can remember, who didn’t have a public ICO and yet got so popular. I think their association with NEO from the beginning gives them credibility. Only thing I can’t figure out is who is pumping them? The entire market is down but these guys are at a 90% jump”

Ramesh Chandrakumar, a blockchain developer from Bengaluru says,

“Whenever people see something go up, they say it’s a pump and dump. Please look at the trading volumes, the volume is just a little shy away from how much Ripple traded today. That said, I wouldn’t invest now, this is at its peak. Waiting for ONT maybe come down a little and then probably would punch in”

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