Halong roars over Bitmain – Samsung to produce ASIC chips for Halong mining

In a recent report, Samsung has begun producing ASIC chips for the mining hardware manufacturer, Halong Mining. A picture of the wafer was tweeted by the online rig retailer, MyRig. Its thin slice of semiconductor material which is used in the fabrication of integrated circuits and was around 10 nm thick.

In a tweet, MyRig added:

“Now Dragon Flying (Shipping), this is what powers halong mining DragonMint T1. Yes Samsung and Yes 10nm. i’m sure someone had seen some news in the past about it from big foundry about bitcoin and cryptos.”

An ASIC which stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit is a type of chip which is used for specific applications like a specific transmission protocol. It is a chip which specializes in a single set of a process which is called mining. Samsung which began producing its chips last year was very unresponsive about its supply.

A Twitterati tweeted

“Good news…cuz Bitmain is terrible at customer support! As terrible as even losing your money while shipping your machine”

Dragonmint T1 which is produced by Halong is currently the most efficient miner in the market with its performance exceeding Bitmain’s Antminer S9. This was confirmed by Slushpool who had announced that someone had mined a block using Halong Hardware.

This was challenged by the owner of Bitcoin.org and BitcoinTalk who has said that Dragonmint is a rebranded device which is manufactured by Innosilicon. Cobra’s owner has tweeted that the entire Halong Mining is a scam and that they have sold re-badged Innosilicon BTC miners which were obtained by dubious means and sold fake non-existent miners for other algorithms.

Halong, in a statement, said that even though it has been a long road for them, they believe overt version rolling can create the right incentives for other patent holders to join the Blockchain Defensive Patent Licence [BDPL] and create a strong defensive pool of patents to allow high energy efficient optimisation of Bitcoin Mining.

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