Dreamflats Apartments’ Clients to Make Rental Payments in ADA

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This announcement made on 21st May 2021 by Dreamflats Ltd. marks the growing interest and adoption rates of cryptocurrencies spreading across numerous industries. Furthermore, Dreamflats also intends on revealing the number of proceeds gained from ADA to the Malta Tourism Authority and pay taxes using EUR as stipulated by the Maltese Rental Legislations.

Advantages of Using ADA

Dreamflats Apartment disclosed its step to integrate Cardano ADA as a payment option once the establishment concludes construction in 2022. The rental values, however, will depend on ADA’s price momentum in the market. 

Commonly known as a third-generation cryptocurrency, Cardano operates as a hub where developers can create a decentralized application. Its native cryptocurrency (ADA) ranks as the fifth digital asset with a current price of $1.53 and a market cap exceeding $49 billion. 

Clients at Dreamflats Apartments can anticipate transactions on Cardano’s user-friendly wallets known as Daedalus and Yoroi while observing the anonymity rule. Transparency is another advantage Cardano ADA brings since every transaction detail is permanently included on the blockchain network. 

Into the New Age

As a Proof of Stake blockchain, ADA payments will be validated and settled by stakers in a quick manner. The fast transaction executing blockchain is due to the double layer character that Cardano implements. 

One layer handles the processing and recording of transactions, while the other layer caters to other blockchain features such as smart contracts. Generally, residents of Dreamflats Apartments will use a cryptocurrency that mainly focuses on improving its security, scalability, and sustainability.

The Core Partners

At Cardano, three independent entities ensure Cardano continues to expand and deliver its goals effectively. Cardano Foundation is the first entity that seeks to instill the platform’s adoption and interact with the Cardano community. It also looks forward to working with other blockchain-oriented industries which will support the advancement of technology.

Founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson, IOHK has a mission of coming up with decentralized solutions by examining new tools in cryptography. Emurgo is the last entity that strives to blend business platforms on its blockchain network and encourage adoption through commercial ventures. 

Aside from that, Emurgo has a vision of supporting highly beneficial insights that will positively change various industries. The Emurgo blockchain also provides blockchain education through courses to users unfamiliar with blockchains and enterprises. Using the three entities, Cardano ADA can thrive as a worthwhile digital asset and a payment medium.

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