‘Crypto future launches won’t be ruled out’ – Says ICE Chief Executive

Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. [ICE] Chief Executive, Jeffrey Sprecher in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV on Monday said that even though it is early days for the asset class, he could not ignore the potential of cryptocurrency futures contract. In a strong comment to Bloomberg, he stated that people have put more faith in a guy named Satoshi Nakamoto whom nobody has met while they deal with skepticism when it comes to US feds.

This statement has evoked strong statements from Twitterati’s with one user Shimaore Chang Lee saying:

“Satoshi’s ideas are published. People put faith in those ideas, not in the man.”

While Santiago tweeted:

“In a fair comparison to fiat, I think it’s just a small minority. Globally, billions trust the US Dollar.”

The New York Stock Exchange which had entered the cryptocurrency market by investing in Coinbase, a cryptocurrency exchange which followed by investing in a number of clearinghouses, marketplaces which specialize in futures, exchanges, options and other various instruments. According to a recent announcement, it is planning to acquire Chicago Stock Exchange and also filed to list Bitcoin as products wait in line for launch.

Sprecher further added that the gradual embrace of cryptocurrencies can be compared to other developments in the technology by adding that users are willing to test waters by using an unknown piece of software.

He commented:

“I wouldn’t rule out anything around currency.”

The Intercontinental Exchange Inc., the New York Stock exchange owner, Jeffrey denied to rule out starting futures contracts on cryptocurrencies, falling in the footsteps of its other two rivals – CME Group and Cboe Global Markets. They had introduced futures contracts based on BTC prices.

According to Coindesk, an unknown firm called “virtuoso” was building an Ether future.

The NYSE had failed to list Bitcoin futures towards the end of 2017, though no products have yet been approved for launch yet.

Dozens of small exchanges and platforms have bloomed in recent years to capitalize on the trending and ever-growing fame of digital assets despite the thefts, hack attacks, and regulatory scrutiny curb.

Santiago Baigorria, a market enthusiast says:

“I don’t know if there is anything we can do about all this. The market is and the crypto space are insane and are driving us nuts day by day without a storm of news and announcements. TOOOO much for us to take at a time. Just hope for good things with fingers crossed.”

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