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IOHK announced on June 7, 2018, that they would be refreshing the Cardano branding to provide the community with more functional and information-rich updates.

Cardano Resurrects After Community Demand

In recent months, Cardano (ADA) came under fire from members of the broader cryptocurrency community who mostly believed the project development had stagnated, to the point of stalling, labeling the project as “vapourware,” or a project that has received a lot of media attention but never made it to market.

While it is true that the Cardano project has had a long development cycle, and is yet to produce a viable mass market product, the team has maintained a vibrant GitHub repository and spent much of Q4 of 2017 making “commits” and code changes. While this is not necessarily an accurate metric to measure the value of contributions to a project, it highlights the volume of activity spent by developers on a project.

Streamlined Layout to Effectively Deliver Updates

To combat allegations, the Cardano team decided to redesign their website, roadmap, and Oroborus wallet to consolidate information and unify stylistic choices across the brand.


As part of the redesign process, the IOHK design team collaborated with community members with experience in graphic design to field fresh ideas that helped evaluate the efficacy of their new format.

By taking feedback from Felix Koutchinski’s blog, combined with new UI tweaks, the team was able to reconfigure essential navigation elements and add information classification functionality, such as conditional filtering and sorting, to convey progress more effectively.

A Uniquely Intuitive Git Visualisation Tool

The team has also provided a proof of concept (PoC) for integration of the Gource visualization software into their site. After its implementation, the section is modified to provide real-time updates to the community in a manner that is both visually interesting and informationally rich.

Reportedly, the tool’s inspiration comes from a Youtube channel by the name of Crypto Gource, which creates videos of Gource visualization graphs for cryptocurrency GitHub repositories.  

Users are presented with a 3-dimensional, real-time interactive cluster graph by clicking on the Git icon on the Cardano roadmap site, which them to view commits, comments, and statistics related to the Cardano Github repository. The interactive data visualization tool is the first-of-its-kind for projects within the cryptocurrency sector and allows users to quickly parse the vast amounts of information hidden behind the basic UI of Github in a more meaningful way.

With the recent update, Cardano’s design team has continued its streak of providing engaging visual artwork that is functional, sleek, and immerses users in unique digital canvases that offer unveil the elegance hidden behind common data structures.

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