CoinEx accounts get free tokens and credits, bug or plan?

According to a Reddit post, CoinEx account holders have been discovering huge amounts of deposits in their accounts without actually depositing. People who have never deposited an amount on CoinEx, however, got airdrops for joining right off the bat.

Hunk_quark1, a Redditor posted on Cryptocurrency discussion forums saying:

“Logged into Coinex after 3 months to discover $2000 in free money through airdrops. Thanks ViaBTC!”

Huge_Engineer, another Redditor commented:

“It’s because Coinex is associated with ViaBTC, which of course both platforms are pro-BCH. Their loss, it’s been pretty great having an account. I’ve received a lot of free BCH basically with their token drops.”

CoinEx is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in December 2017 by a company called ViaBTC that offers Bitcoin Cash pairs. It is available on mobile operating systems like Android and iOS that provides global trading services in nearly 100 countries.

Bitcoin Cash also promoted the free-token news by tweeting:

“Coinex account holders have been finding hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of free money credited to their balance. On reddit alone, one inactive user found $2000.”

CET is an abbreviation for CoinEx Token. This is a cryptocurrency issued by CoinEx to its traders based on their trading activity. CET is significant because CoinEx imparts 80% of its exchanging income to its clients in correlation to their CET possessions.

CoinEx has enabled its investors to fabricate a stake in itself that corresponds to their exchanging movements. Every dealer’s stake is worked through CET airdrops relative to their exchanging volume. The individuals who are not traders can also manufacture a stake by purchasing CET on CoinEx.

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