Coinbase hires Hunter Merghart from Barclays

Coinbase, world’s second largest exchange platform has hired Hunter Merghart, a Former Director of equity trades at Barclay’s investment bank. Coinbase net valuation has reached $8 billion recently especially after acquiring of According to the reports Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong was responsible for the hire, as the trading firm has been recruiting skilled employees for quite some time.

According to Merghart’s Linkedin profile, he is the Sales Trader at Coinbase. The company is also acquiring quite a few crypto-companies. It is working on building a cryptocurrency market based on the New York stock exchange according to sources.

Hunter Merghart is a New York-based skilled individual who used to work for Barclays as a Director of Equity Trading. Barclays is a multinational investment bank based in England. It is headquartered in London. The bank is known for providing financial advisory and risk management services to MNCs, institutions and government clients. He has been associated with RBC capital markets and Credit Suisse.

On the 13th of April, Coinbase had acquired Cipher Browser [an Ethereum based wallet]. Afterward, the company acquired which runs on a blockchain and provides paid-email services. Later on, Mr. Balaji Srinivasan was designated as the Chief Technology Officer.

According to recent news, after Coinbase’s acquired, the company’s revenue has soared by 500%.


The firm was the first trade exchange to offer services for institutional Wall Street companies through GDAX exchange [Coinbase’s former name]. It has also announced the launch of Coinbase custodian, a security protocol which prevents large individuals or whales from hampering the market

Megan’s response on a social media forum says:

“I am not impressed. This is just another way for them to eventually hijacking the market. This will come as it grows out of infancy and then we will all move on. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. By the way like your posts. All info is knowledge. Cheers.”

Tropic Thunder, a social media critic says:

“Coinbase is getting passed quickly in the world of Crypto. Too slow to adapt and change. The peer to peer decentralized idea is just a fake American dream which is hollow like our mindless leaders.”

Manson comments:

“Is the list of ERC 20 token listed on coinbase after the auditing and checking if they are bug-proof”

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