Cardano [ADA]: Charles Hoskinson’s take on the project’s slow-paced progression

In an interview on 27th July, Nick Hellman of ‘Learn Crypto’, a YouTube channel, discussed Cardano-related topics with the IOHK leader and Cardano’s Co-founder Charles Hoskinson. During the discussion, the two cryptoverse members talked about Cardano’s release cycles and the noticeable slow pace of the project.

Hellman brought up Cardano’s slow pace in terms of updates, developments and suchlike. He stated that Cardano has a peer-review system that makes it slower in movement but detects all flaws for fixture before sending it out for mass adoption. Moreover, he also spoke about how the larger pack of the space are in it for trading and earning money.

“…[before you actually send that live into the wildlife with the mass adoption] …rather than some other ones who just get the hype train go on… the ICO going and just putting out whatever code they have and [say that] I will try to figure out the scaling later, down the road when we need to. You guys [Cardano] are going to… a proper direction and having this stuff peer-reviewed, having this looked at by some of the most brilliant minds across the world.”

Hoskinson, on this dialogue, cited an airplane’s example to explain that efficient, durable mechanisms take time to be built. He said that he flew from South Korea to Vietnam on a plane that was built 30 years ago and can survive in harsh conditions including turbulence at 40,000 feet of height.

According to the leader, a protocol when built the same way [as an airplane] will take a little longer and demand a higher expenditure. He said:

“Sometimes it gets slowed down because you discover things that you didn’t think of but at the end of the day if you build it right it’s gonna be around a long time.”

Hoskinson also reminded the interviewer of how the Internet was built in the 1970s and Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn had zero exposure to technologies like Wi-fi. Despite this, they built layers with their wisdom and generated something flexible enough to be used in the future. Hoskinson stated that today the Internet is ‘one of the fastest moving things’.

He then returned to speaking about Cardano and explained that it is not moving as slow either. Cardano 1.1 was the first major update and took only six months, Cardano 1.2 took three months, Cardano 1.3 is also on its way and will be releasing in August and the fourth update Cardano 1.4 is scheduled to come out in October, as per the Founders words. By this, he concluded that the release cycles are pacing up. He added:

“The quality and the size of the releases start to go up a lot more. Fixing network problems, speeding up… and so forth. So despite the fact that we’re using a really strange programming language, Haskell and using formal methods and other things, …we are moving faster and faster because we’re getting better at these cycles.”

Hoskinson believes that the project will pick up an even higher pace by 2019 with faster releases, more updates and suchlike. His expectations for Cardano are that it will get richer in terms of features and people in the community.


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