Binance Smart Chain (BSC)-based Moon X's Market Ledger to make Crypto Investment and Monitoring Easy, MOONX to List on LBank

DeFi might be a $270 billion juggernaut and growing powered by a disconnected base layer. 

We have Ethereum, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), IOST, NEO, Waves, Solana, and many more. The list keeps getting longer every day. 

Ambitious as each platform is, there needs to be a better connection and high-level interoperability. At the end of the day, the end user decides which platform takes off. 

In the beginning, it was dank easy to use Ethereum. The development team kept improving, and fees were never a problem. 

Furthermore, dApp investors only have to cycle a few tabs to update themselves on the performance of their portfolio. It is necessary. 

Keeping tabs of purchased assets is and will continue to be of prime importance for any investor. 

The problem is, the DeFi ecosystem is broader and deeper. There are exciting projects to consider in Ethereum, even more in Solana, and, better yet, super DeFi dApps launching in the BSC. 

This, if you have interests and are invested across different projects in various blockchains, can be overwhelming, tiring, and frustratingly confusing. 

Since the problem statement has been laid out, a solution building on providing a fitting solution is necessary. 

There have been attempts in the past, only until recently with Moon X.

Introducing Moon X

From the onset, Moon X developers were laser-focused on rolling out a solution that made interaction and investment in cryptocurrency simple and easy even for the ordinary investor on the high throughput and interoperable BSC platform. 

It makes sense, considering that the roots of blockchain are deep in fostering community and promoting financial inclusion. 

Central to Moon X is the Market Ledger which can be described as an investor’s safe haven in an industry whose reputation of complexity, barring non-crypto natives, is well tabulated. 

Crypto Investment Monitoring Made Easy

The Market Ledger is a cross-chain monitoring dashboard that’s feature dense and secure, ensuring all investments are safe. 

It is cross-chain because it bridges to Ethereum and is anchored on the BSC. Subsequently, the days of relying on DEX tools on different tabs while hopping from portal to portal for news or alerts related to the asset being tracked are gone. 

The Market Ledger is all about interoperability, plugging into DeFi’s leading smart contracting platforms, and bringing together all data that an investor might require on a simple, easy-to-use dashboard. 

Furthermore, access is non-custodial, and users have to get their wallets ready before connecting. 

A trader would get up-to-date news, real-time price alerts on tracked assets, and more from the Market Ledger.

Crypto Investing without Fear of Rug Pulls and Fraud

In addition to the monitoring tool, Moon X has an investment platform where vetted project developers and teams are linked to prospective investors. 

Unlike ICOs, where teams tended to misuse funds before melting into the digital ether, Moon X is fronting transparency with guarantees that investors won’t be rugged. 

Projects looking for investment must commit themselves by divulging their personal information and locking capital. 

The latter acts as insurance against rug pulls or any other mischievous tactics they might attempt to defraud willing investors. 

Whenever there are losses related to a project, the locked capital would be reimbursed to victims. 

The Escrow Service for Developers and Teams

Moreover, as part of Moon X’s dedication to building a safe, reliable, and cyclical ecosystem, they also have an escrow service. 

Through this solution, developers can render services and be assured of payment from the drafting team. 

At the same time, teams would have the cushion of paying only once the developer delivers quality services. 

It is a win-win solution to create a symbiotic system that directly grows Moon X, directly boosting the MOONX deflationary utility token. 

Already, early investors of the moon X project have a 12X in ROI at present valuation. 

NFT Collection and LBANK Listing

In the days ahead, Moon X plans to strike more partnerships, get more listing at centralized exchanges, of which LBank is the latest to support the MOONX token. 

The listing will be on November 15, 2021. 

To tap the NFT craze, Moon X recently launched a collection of NFTs in partnership with BurningMoon. Holders of these NFTs receive lifetime passive income.

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