AirPod is Making Traveling Fun Again

Face it — whether you’re doing it for work or for pleasure, traveling is no fun. AirPod is set to change that reality, forever.

Taking the Stress out of Traveling

No matter where in the world they may be, passengers must wait in airport terminals for hours, or sometimes even days, for their flights — which themselves are subject to unexpected delays, extended transfers, and long check-in times. This often leaves travelers in uncomfortable situations in over-crowded and far-from-private airport spaces, with the only remedy currently coming in the form of expensive admittance to a VIP lounge or pay-by-the-hour hotel rooms.

With this sad reality in mind, stakeholders and governments are actively focusing on improving airport infrastructure with sophisticated installations. This is where AirPods fit in.

Unlike the rare sleeping pod that exists in the random European airport, AirPods are built for both work and relaxation. They are private “capsule style” spaces designed with the trifecta of health, relaxation, and functionality in mind.

AirPods feature integrated anti-stress technology aimed at both relaxing and revitalizing the body and mind, removing the stress out of traveling. The integrated technology comes from leading scientific studies into various scents, sounds, and colors which stimulate cognitive recognition in the brain. Users will be able to take advantage of a 15-minute treatment session, in which the senses of smell, hearing, and sight are actively monitored by a futuristic biofeedback device.

The capsules themselves feature external noise reduction, are highly mobile, can be placed anywhere, and are incredibly space efficient. They also feature free access to Amazon Fire TV, free high-speed Wi-Fi for all users, booking via iOS and Android, an easy-to-use LED self-cleaning operating panel, both USB and electricity power sockets, a working desk, storage space for luggage and personal belongings, air conditioning with a HEPA filter, an alarm clock, flight status information, and a high-quality seat which can be converted into a comfortable bed.

The Power of Partnerships

The AirPod project is powered by blockchain technology, decentralized applications (DApps) and, of course, the APOD token.

Unlike the slew of other pointless tokens available on the market today, APOD tokens provide holders with the ability to take part in AirPod’s sponsorship program. Once the 400th AirPod unit is placed, token holders will be able to exchange tokens to participate in profit generated by AirPod units.

The Sponsorship Program can be accessed through AirPod’s own web application, which gives token holders the option to convert their tokens in order to sponsor an already established AirPod. The platform will allow investors interested in sponsoring an individual AirPod to access financial analysis of each location free of charge, helping them decide which AirPod is right for them.

Protection from Volatility

As you likely already know, the cryptocurrency market is subject to extreme volatility, which is ineffective at creating a stable economy. However, AirPod’s internal economy is unaffected by the stereotypical volatility, as the ecosystem and network will continue to grow and expand – thus increasing value and bringing in lasting rewards for token holders and participants in the sponsorship program.

As the number of AirPod locations grows and a user base develops, the frequency of tokens purchased on exchanges will also grow. As a result, the value of the APOD token will naturally increase over time. Essentially, more AirPods installations equate to more users, which equates to increased token buyback exchanges. Tokens are then returned at a higher price, thus increasing the price of APOD tokens.

People will always need to travel, and AirPod will always be there to accommodate. Those who invest early in the revolutionary project probably won’t regret it.

To learn more about AirPod and the programs tokens, check out the project’s official website.

What do you think about AirPod? Are you interested in the sponsorship program or becoming a partner? Let us know in the comments below!

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