50,000 WordPress websites probably affected by cryptojacking malware that mines Monero [XMR]

Troy Mursch, a security researcher at bad packets said that more than 50,000 WordPress websites are infected with crypto jacking malware. He used PublicWWW to search for the websites which are running the malware.

PublicWWW enables its users to perform searches the way it is not possible with other search engines. They can look for any HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and plaintext in web page source code and download a list of websites that contain it.

The research showed that Coinhive is the most popular website incorporated by the hackers. With the help of the tool, Tony was able to list out 48,953 that are affected by the malware. A whopping 40,000 of the 48,953 websites were infected with this malware. That is around 81% of the total number.

Cryptojacking malware

Crypto jacking is the way in which hackers use the computing power of a hostile system to mine cryptocurrencies. It is used mostly for mining Monero, as it uses proof of memory rather than work. Many cases of these kinds of attacks were and are being reported all around the world. This is mostly because it is easy money for the hackers as most of our computers are not secure enough.

They even published the list of websites that have been detected with any kind of crypto jacking malware since January 20th.

There is nothing like a 100% protection against these kinds of attacks as they keep on improvising and updating from time to time. It is hard to keep a track of them. Even experts cannot suggest a foolproof system against these kinds of attacks, the only thing we can do is take the required measures and see that there is minimum damage.

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