4 Reasons Why The 4th Pillar Platform is Worth Checking Out

The 4th Pillar has already attracted a lot of attention from early investors – but what does the project really have to offer? Here are 4 reasons why you should be paying attention.

Powered by Blockchain Technology

The 4th Pillar is a powerful platform which affords individuals the ability to build both a verified professional identity and a decentralized personal crypto savings fund while at the same time allowing organizations to recruit based on systematic and verified employment data.

The platform operates using blockchain technology, allowing The 4th Pillar to build a work identity ledger on which individuals have complete control over their professional identity. Utilizing blockchain technology allows for non-discriminatory evaluations that effectively enable employers and recruiters to act appropriately.

Additionally, The 4th Pillar also allows for the digital transfer of both payments and work-related documents across international borders via the blockchain’s peer-to-peer distribution.

A Powerful and Valuable Utility Token

The 4th Pillar ecosystem is powered by the FOUR token, which serves as both its main store of value and fuel. In essence, FOUR token represents a unit on the network. Thus, the larger the network grows, the more utility the token has – as it’s designed and embedded in the blockchain infrastructure.

FOUR tokens are offered to users as positive incentives and are also rewarded to early adopter organizations. In fact, one million euros worth of FOUR tokens has already been assigned as rewards for early adopters.

Furthermore, FOUR tokens are also not subject to any inflationary effect – like fiat currencies – since the number of tokens is permanently fixed. This means that, as the network expands, so too does the demand for FOUR tokens grow.

Organizations are conveniently able to purchase FOUR tokens directly with euros, based on the daily market price, with special packages already being prepared for recruiters and organizations.

Saving the Planet

The 4th Pillar is also helping protect the environment.

According to the World Wildlife Federation, our planet is losing 18.7 million acres of forests every year – which equates to 27 soccer fields every minute. A large portion of this deforestation is caused by the business world’s reliance on paper products, with 853 million square meters of sawn logs used to make them. This trend isn’t currently on pace to stop, as developing countries are ever more reliant on paper.

Because The 4th Pillar’s platform is based on blockchain transactions, digital communication, and Dapps (decentralized applications) on the Ethereum network, a working blockchain HR database and the peer-to-peer transfer of pay slips and work-related documents helps eliminate the demand for wasted paper – allowing The 4th Pillar to revolutionize the HR industry not only by implementing a cost-effective digital system but also by reducing the carbon footprint of businesses around the globe.

A Plan of Action

The 4th Pillar is already finished with all legal, legislative, and tax groundwork while remaining completely financed by private investment. The platform’s beta is currently in development and has a projected release date of April 2nd, 2018.

Early adoption deals are already taking place in the European market, and are closing at a high rate of succession.

The 4th Pillar has a detailed roadmap laid out through 2021 and seems sure to hit each and every target – which is likely why it has attracted so many partner and early investment.

To learn more about the project, platform, and team – or to read The 4th Pillar’s whitepaper – check out its official website.

What do you think about The 4th Pillar platform? What additional reasons do you attribute to the company’s positive outlook? Let us know in the comments below!

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