Philippines president Duterte goes on bizarre anti Iceland rant over drugs war

Singling out Iceland, because the resolution was initially proposed by Iceland’s representative on the United Nations Human Rights Council, Harald Aspelund, the populist leader said: “What is the problem of Iceland? – Ice only. That is your problem. 

“You have too much ice and there is no clear day and night there,” he said in a rambling speech to corrections department officials.

“So you can understand why there is no crime, no policeman either, and they just go about eating ice.

“They don’t understand the social, economic, political problems of the Philippines.”

Since President Duterte announced his so-called war on drugs in 2016, there have been allegations that thousands of people asscoiated with the drug trade have been killed.

Precise numbers are hard to come by. Police say they have killed 6600 who were armed and resisting arrest while anti-government activists put the number as high as 27,000.

The UN’s attempt to step in has been rejected by the Duterte administration.

A government spokesman, Salvador Panelo, said that Iceland has introduced a resolution “based on false information, bogus news”, and relied on unreliable information from President Duterte’s opponents and biased media.

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