Brexiteers demand Boris builds Eurosceptic ‘ring of steel’ Cabinet against Remainers

The frontrunner to succeed Theresa May is being warned to “remember who’s got him here” amid fears he could backtrack on his “do or die” pledge to leave the EU on October 31. Backbench Brexiteers have already raised concerns over the make-up of Mr Johnson’s potential Government with Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, a former leadership rival and Remain voter, widely tipped to become Chancellor. Whilst Liz Truss – who also voted to stay in the bloc in the 2016 referendum – is also reportedly lined-up as Business Secretary by the former Mayor of London.

One Eurosceptic told The Sun: “There needs to a Praetorian Guard – a ring of steel – around Boris so he doesn’t fold when faced with Whitehall.

“People are worried. There’s all this talk of Sajid being made Chancellor, Liz going into Business.

“They’re born again Brexiteers – remember they both voted Remain.

“Boris needs to remember who’s got him here in the first place.”

Meanwhile, leading figures within the current Cabinet have warned Mr Johnson of the dangers of giving in to the hardline Brexiteers and pursuing a no deal Brexit on Halloween.

Chancellor Philip Hammond, who is set to be banished to the back benches in a Mr Johnson Government, has stated the shut down of Parliament in order to leave without an agreement with Brussels will spark a “constitutional crisis”.

Mrs May de facto Deputy, David Lidington, and supporter of Jeremy Hunt, called the idea a ”constitutional outrage”.

Mr Hammond also insisted he would back legal moves suggested by ex-prime minister Sir John Major to challenge any prorogation of Parliament in the courts.

Mr Johnson has also angered leading Brexiteer Nigel Farage, after he refused to do a deal with the Brexit Party if he was to win the leadership contest.

Mr Farage told The Daily Telegraph: “Boris says he wants to put me back in my box. So if he wants a fight – hold my jacket.”

The Brexit Party leader also warned Mr Johnson failure to honour his pledge and leave the bloc on October 31 will result in Conservative backers abandoning the party.

Mr Farage added: “I promise you that if on October 31, Britain is still in the EU, major Tory donors will come to us in droves. I’ve met them already.”

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