Cryptopia Hack Liquidated Over $3.2 Million Worth On Great Crypto Exchanges

Regarding this incident, New Zealand police along with some specialists worldwide are closely watching and investigating this issue. It seems a great help from cryptocurrencies giving a hand via its open nature on the blockchain.

On the other hand, analysts, as well as investigators, are successfully monitoring the stolen crypto funds. However, this has led to liquidating major digital exchanges worth $3.2 million of their stolen tokens.

Elementus is a blockchain analysis company which is staying close tabs following the Cryptopia hack. This announcement was made via Twitter regarding the liquidation of $3.2 million worth tokens on various crypto exchanges.

Do You Know About Cryptopia Hack?

Cryptopia is the New Zealand operating crypto exchange which recently experienced its first security breach of 2019. While the platform was under attack, Cryptopia inform their users about their undergoing maintenance which was not yet out. Simultaneously, they were issuing various updates prior to revealing the fact on January 15.

However, Elementus blockchain Analytics Company presents an array of data about the security breach. Initially, the hack results in the loss over $3.6 million of crypto, then Elementus comes with different info. According to this firm, the crypto community loses worth of $16 million.

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