ADA Surges By Over 10% As The Project Successfully Launches Cardano 1.5 Update

In recent days, we have been reporting on Cardano’s upcoming upgrades and developments. Now, the project has taken a major step towards realizing its full potential of being decentralized. The project in the last couple of hours has launched the Cardano 1.5 update on its Mainnet.

This is expected to be the last development before releasing the highly anticipated Shelley update, which will see the project become fully decentralized. The launch of the Cardano 1.5 update has not only signified the crossing of a major milestone but has also seen the project’s native coin [ADA] surge in value.

ADA Eyeing A Top Ten Position

Beginning early in the day, while most coins were relatively bearish, ADA began recording substantial gains of up to 5%. At the time of press, ADA has extended these gains and is soaring by well over 10%.

ADA is now exchanging for $0.057303, with $0.058 now its immediate target. In the last couple of days, a continuous upward trend has seen the coin break some key resistance positions. Up until yesterday, ADA had not managed to climb above the $0.054 price range. Now, it has managed to do so and created a great margin. This possibly allows it to set a higher support position, one likely above $0.052.

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