New Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade Activation Date Should Be Set By Friday

The Constantinople upgrade for ethereum has been delayed, as security issues were discovered at the 11th hour by an auditing firm.

The world’s third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, ethereum has recently seen a price run-up in anticipation of the upgrade to its software, which would improve scalability. The reason for the delay was discovered by security auditor ChainSecurity, according to the official ethereum blog. Hackers could have exploited a loophole in the code to steal user funds.

 “Two parties can jointly receive funds, decide on how to split them, and receive a payout if they agree. An attacker will create such a pair with where the first address is the attacker contract listed below and the second address is any attacker account. For this pair the attacker will deposit some money,” ChainSecurity wrote in a blog post.

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