Crypto News: BTC Surges Over 100% In 2019, What About XRP And ETH? – Binance Hack Update

Bitcoin has been surging in the past few weeks, and the most important coin in the market has been witnessing a parabolic run.

The massive surge has people all over the crypto market shocked and excited as the most valuable coin in the market was able to smash psychological levels with ease.

According to NewsBTC, there’s definitely FOMO in the air.

The online magazine writes that at the crucial psychological level of $10k, the FOMO will spread into the public.

Bitcoin surges by 100% in 2019 – what about XRP and ETH?

BTC started the year priced at $3,848, and it managed to climb by more than 100%.

Investinblokchain notes that Bitcoin has now seen a 112% price increase over the past 90 trading days alone.

They also note that neither ETH nor XRP have been keeping pace with Bitcoin’s increasing prices. “Over the past seven days, Bitcoin has seen a 35% price hike, whereas Ethereum has seen a 16% increase and Ripple just an 8.16% increase,” they note.

The online publication says that as BTC continues to rise in US Dollar prices, “both Ethereum and Ripple are depreciating against Bitcoin, leading to the rate of increase against Bitcoin to be substantially lower.”

Binance hack news

After the hack, Binance says that the platform has been working hard to increase its security after the latest hack and it’s working hard to make the platform fully functional for traders.

In order for upgrades to be fully implemented, trading will need to be suspended.

According to the announcement, “We aim to fully resume deposits and withdrawals on Tuesday. The time will be communicated at a later stage, depending on how the testing goes. This upgrade will require a trading halt. We will update you again tomorrow.”

So, we’ll see what happens today.

Other than this, there are a lot of huge moves that are taking place in the crypto space that are triggering bulls and mass adoption as well.

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