Ontology [ONT]’s new tokens available on Huobi, developer updates and more

On 19th July, Huobi resumed trading of new ONT tokens, along with the launch of its MainNet in Tokyo and released ONTO updates with IOS Enterprise install guide.

On 19th July, Huobi Global tweeted:

“Deposit of New Ontology $ONT Token is now available! Please stay tuned to our upcoming announcement for $ONG [email protected] #HuobiGlobal.”

Billionbuy3r, a Twitterati commented:

“ONG produced by ONT for holding this undervalued digital asset that produces dividends. ONT will easily reach 100$USD when bitcoin goes back to 20k, my top 3 that will change market cap in order, 1. BTC, 2. NEO, 3. ONT. Smart rich people knows these 3 will be the best, rest suck!”

Huobi stated that the deposits for new ONT coins [post coin swap] opened at 11:00, July 19 [GMT+8] at Huobi Global.

Huobi Global confirmed to support the distribution of ONG generated after the launch of the ONT network. Furthermore, they said that the old and new addresses can support the deposits of ONT after the ONT chain swap.

On 20th July, Ontology’s blog stated:

“ONTO’s Android version has updated from beta version 0.8.4 to official release 0.8.7. ONTO iOS version 0.8.7 has also been released.”

The team asked its users to update their ONTO as soon as possible and reminded the users to set back up for ONT ID and wallet beforehand. The update will help users to manage their ONT ID and digital assets faster and safer.

The official release of ONTO will charge a 0.01 ONG fee for MainNet ONT and ONG transactions.

The Medium blog of Ontology provides a step by step guide of installing the application and synchronizing the wallet accordingly.

For ONT ID and wallet backup, a user can export corresponding KeyStore documents from ONTO. These KeyStore documents are not the same document as others. The ONT ID KeyStore is for the users to recover their digital identity.

The user signing up needs to remember the password during the creation of ONT ID. However, the wallet KeyStore is used together with the users private key, WIF, mnemonic phrase, etc. to recover the wallet. The password set for the wallet will also be used as the KeyStore document to re-import the wallet.

On 21st July, Ontology tweeted:

“Ontology’s First Candidate Node List https://medium.com/ontologynetwork/ontologys-first-candidate-node-list-2c05b37983d5 … $ONT”

Ontology has already announced the successful candidates from the first round and the second round. On 21st July, the team gave an overview of the complete first Ontology node candidate list.

Ontology, along with its tweet, posted the following image:

Ontology Seed Nodes update | Source: Twitter [ONT]

Ontology further explained that the recruitment has attracted 47 candidate teams from countries over six continents. Countries including China, Japan, Netherlands, UAE, Israel, Singapore, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, and more have participated. Around 28 teams have entered the final recruitment and the total stake has reached 14,388,807 ONT.

Recently, the news broke out that POINTS, a ‘Blockchain Data Collaboration Protocol’ is building its protocol on the Ontology blockchain.

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