Cardano [ADA] 1.2 released and will take effect in a few hours

Today, Charles Hoskinson announced the release of Cardano 1.2, via Twitter. In his recent video, he spoke about the updates and the process of the upgrades of Cardano 1.2, the CL TestNet, stake pools, and delegation.

The CEO of Cardano [ADA] attached a screenshot in his tweet, where he shared the information of the release time of the upgrade. Cardano 1.2/0.10.0 release update proposal to the MainNet had been accepted around 00.20 AM UTC on Tuesday. The update will take action around 12:20 PM UTC. They have also updated the website JSON metadata, which enables the users to download and install the latest version.

Charles Hoskinson’s tweet

The community of Cardano has been anxiously waiting for the upgrade, Cardano 1.2. Cardano is a cryptocurrency and distributed platform which works on the technology of blockchain. It computes and operates on Cardano Settlement Layer [CSL], which is their own blockchain technology.

There have been quite a lot of changes done on the upgrade, and their changelog has been shared as well. The core code changes which have been included are:

  • The development and execution of Benchmarking tools for the wallet V0 API
  • An optimized way of mempool in the Wallet Backend [CBR-16]
  • Investigated and solved the experience of balance discrepancy by Bittrex [CBR-135]
  • Asynchronous restoration of a wallet [CBR-90]
  • Sorting and filtering out the capabilities of the wallet V1 API [CBR- 20]
  • Implementation of the new V1 API endpoints [CBR-16]
  • The Exchanges require endpoints added to V1 API [CBR-103]

They had fixed the bugs in the system as well. They also fixed the wallet’s creation and backup [R120-4], and the Daedalus issue where it was stuck at “connecting to network” screen after the version updated [CBR-282, R120-17].

Katsumoto, a cryptocurrency enthusiast on Twitter replied:

“Replying to @IOHK_Charles
#Daedalus improved, new features; #paper #wallets….Another great update for @coindesk to do a cover story on, if you ask me…. $ADA #Cardano #coindesk”

To which Charles replied:

“Nope. Never going to happen. Maybe if vitalik tweeted about it.”

Sam, a Twitter user commented:

“Charles did I ever told you how much I like you !”

wmorg commented:

“Sweet!! As a veteran on Memorial Day I would like to that YOU for your Service!! Thank you Sir!”


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